Elden Ring PvP builds mimic one of the scariest Bloodborne bosses

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As if Elden Ring bosses weren’t terrifying enough, one trio with Elden Ring PvP builds are intimidating their foes in the guise of one of the scariest Bloodborne bosses. While we still don’t have Bloodborne on PC despite Sony pushing for more PlayStation exclusives on PC, you might be (un)fortunate enough to run into the Shadows of Yharnam on your travels across the Lands Between thanks to three rather industrious players rocking Elden Ring builds based on the nightmare squadron.

Found in the Forbidden Woods on the outskirts of Bloodborne’s Cathedral Ward, the Shadows of Yharnam are three shadowy figures that team up against the player in one of the game’s more intimidating encounters. Fully committing to the bit, Reddit user themadman502 and two of their friends created characters all named ‘Yharnam Shadow’ and donned a mix of Fia’s set and the Night Cavalry gear, giving them long black hooded cloaks similar to those worn by the Bloodborne enemies.

The three Bloodborne Shadows each sport a unique loadout – one wields just a scimitar, the second carries a sword along with a candle used to spray a stream of fire out or wreathe their weapon in flames, and the last utilises fire magic such as long-range fireballs. The Elden Ring crew follows suit, with the only notable difference being a torch used to replace the candle. The group says they also use the Coil Shield – which turns into a poisonous snake – to replicate the snake summons used by the Shadows after one of them is defeated.

A video posted to the Elden Ring subreddit shows the resulting trio in action as they stride menacingly towards a poor, unsuspecting foe who was probably hoping to invade some innocent soul, only to find themselves faced with this immaculately coordinated bunch in their full Kosplay… or some say Kosmplay.

Giving Bloodborne players ptsd in Elden ring from Eldenring

The post garnered plenty of attention for its creativity. Some replies opted for knowing references, with several nods to fellow Bloodborne bosses such as Micolash – “Ohohoho majeeeestic! A hunter is a hunter, even in another game!” Others express their desire to go up against the group – one commenter asks, “Can I invade you please? It’s the closest thing to Bloodborne on PC I can ever have.” Another says [sic], “Tarnished be so hollow for Bloodborne on PC they be making Bloodborne cosplays, lmao.”

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