Europa Universalis 4 DLC Lions of the North adds the Baltic Sea today

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Today marks the launch of the next wave of DLC for Paradox’s grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV’s, Lions of the North. The new content is a Baltic Sea themed add-on for the game that adds new military units and new paths to be explored.

Alongside the brand new trailer for Europa Universalis IV’s Lions of the North DLC, which releases today, September 13, there’s some more information about what players can expect from the historical simulation game.

A series of dramatic “what ifs” come to the game, as the Baltic Sea themed content adds new branching missions and government options. You can help Denmark keep a hold on its northern subjects, assist the Teutonic order in retreating to its past crusader glories, and even see Gotland turn into a pirate haven.

The branching missions trees in the Europa Universalis IV DLC will see previous decisions influence what options are available to you in the future, with new missions trees being added for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Teutonic order, Livonian Order, Riga, Poland, Lithuania, and the Commonwealth.

Some regional powers will also gain new and unique government options, which should help you gain influence over local estates and court their favour as well. There’s also going to be new units, as the Swedish Carolean Infantry and Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars will be available for recruitment, and 35 new army sprites for regional powers will be available too.

The Lions of the north DLC is releasing alongside a major free update for Europa Universalis IV, which will see the strategy game reach version 1.34. Called Sweden, the free update will feature some new features like a new mission tree for Lübeck that has 36 unique missions, and there are a number of new government reforms for Monarchies, Republics, and Theocracies too.

The full changelog from Paradox details the new free features, alongside a large number of game balance changes and AI improvements.

Paradox has also promised that more DLC is on the way for Europa Universalis 4, so don’t expect Lions of the North to be the last of it.

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