EVE Online’s Bastions of War Update Live Now

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EVE Online’s latest update, Bastions of War, is now live.

This update is part of the Reign Quadrant which itself is set to bring updates to fleets, travel, and more. Bastions of War will bring the Bastion module to the Marauders allowing you to bring in heavy damage.

These Marauders are Tech II version of the battleship class of ships. This new bastion module doubles the rate of fire for all large weapons. The duration of this module has decreased to 30 seconds as well. In addition to this module, this update brings a change to the Vargus.

The previous 5% bonus to large projectile rate of fire has been changed to a 7.5% bonus for large projectile damage. The Kronos also sees a capacity increase. The new increase will be 8000 GJ with its capacitor recharge time decreasing to 17 minutes 30 seconds.

You can check out the full patch notes for Bastion of War here.

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