Ex Riot devs share new details on upcoming RPG extraction game

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With extraction shooters like Dark and Darker and Escape From Tarkov innovating in the multiplayer and co-op shooter space, it was only a matter of time before a studio decided to rethink the whole ‘shooting’ aspect of the genre. That’s the case with Seekers of Skyveil, the debut project from the ex Riot Games devs at Elodie Games, which is blending extraction design with the colorful characters of a game like Overwatch and, naturally enough, the RPG influences of MOBAs such as League of Legends. Now, after waiting a while for more information, we’ve just received a big update on how the game is shaping up.

In a new video on Seekers of Skyveil, the team responsible for the multiplayer game dig into what they’ve been working on and provide a solid rundown of how matches play out.

Seekers of Skyveil sees up to three players joining a team together to fight off enemies and grab treasures that, like the rest of the genre, they only get to keep if they can hold onto them until the match ends. Over multiple matches, players can upgrade their characters using the resources they’ve collected and venture further into increasingly dangerous (and more lucrative) regions.

The update video shows off some of the still expanding roster of champions set to feature in the game and the ways in which Seekers of Skyveil’s been designed to be a bit less harsh than other extraction shooters — namely in its colorful, cartoony look and the decision to allow players to make some progress across matches, even if they haven’t been able to extract any treasure.

Seekers of Skyveil is in alpha and doesn’t have a launch date set just yet, but Elodie Games explains that the game’s at a stage where most of the team’s work involves fine tuning and refining systems and champions rather than creating new concepts. Hopefully that means we’ll have more to see before too long. If you want a shot at trying it out for yourself, Seekers of Skyveil is taking playtest sign ups on Steam, which you can find right here.

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