Fallout: New Vegas mod revamps power armour to mirror the older games

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A new and improved Fallout: New Vegas mod stops power armour from being a bit of a visual letdown. Following on from how Bethesda RPG game Fallout 3 reintroduced the hulking masses of steel and strength into the series, as some regular apparel that requires some training, the retro-futuristic military armour left a lot to be desired in the open-world games. Power armour has been the visual shorthand for Fallout for 25 years, and now a revamped New Vegas treats them with the respect they deserve.

Called “Titans of the New West 2.0,” this mod from Woooombat is an update to a 2020 mod for Fallout: New Vegas that adds in new power armour content, features, optimisations and widespread Fallout: New Vegas mod support.

A major improvement this Fallout: New Vegas mod introduces is an aesthetic one, that aims to turn power armour into the “heavier, bulkier, and more imposing” proportions they are known for, which Bethesda did somewhat in Fallout 4. Woooombat says that power armour should now more closely resemble how it looked in the classic games, with loads of mesh and texture improvements across the board.

The Pip-Boy has also now been properly integrated into the power armours too, with their bracers housing the in-game menu tool. There’s even some new animations to help sell the scale and weight of power armour too, alongside a proper power armour sprint.

Enclave armour is now more reminiscent of what it looked like in Fallout 2, and the NCR salvaged armour now “unapologetically and proudly distinguishes itself from the standard non-faction/Brotherhood of Steel T45d armour” as well.

There’s even extra content in the revamped version of the Fallout: New Vegas mod too, which “includes an alternate minigun idle animation, matched world objects for all armours, unique display models for the Enclave Advanced Power Armours in Remnants Bunker, and the Winterized T51b Armours in the Anchorage Outpost and US Headquarters.”

You can find “Titans of the New West 2.0” over on Nexus Mods, but it does require some other mods to be installed to work, so it’s recommended you check the description and make sure your mods line up.

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