Fan-made Valorant gun keychains grab Riot’s attention

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Valorant gun skins are just one of the reasons that the Riot FPS game has kept atop the charts, but one fan has decided to transcend the digital realm and bring the best of them into the real world as keyrings. You shouldn’t just take our word that they’re amazing, either, as a developer at Riot has given their (unofficial) seal of approval.

User Gamerdiorama posted a video showing off their tiny guns and knives that each have a hook on the back with a long chain to attach to any set of keys with ease. The weapons they chose to make were the Prime Vandal, Prime Phantom, Reaver Vandal, Glitchpop dagger, and the Champions Vandal.

Each keychain nails every minor detail of the weapons, and manages to bring them to life with bold colors and compact enough size that they work well as a keychain that can fit perfectly inside a pocket. Sadly, Gamerdiorama didn’t explain exactly how they made the keychains with such high levels of detail.

Made some valorant keychain models ^^ (fan art) from VALORANT

Valorant fans in the comments raved over the fan art, and one claimed they were prepared to pay as much as $50 for a single keychain.

Lead producer for cosmetic content for Riot Games, Preeti Khanolkar, praised Gamerdiorama’s work: “Woah! These are gorgeous. Nice work! I honestly can’t even pick a favourite because you chose a lot of my favourite skins and your keychains look so good.”

With an endorsement from a real Valorant designer, the keychains will only go up in popularity. Gamerdiorama sells all the trinkets on their website, alongside keychains inspired by Dota 2, CS:GO, and Genshin Impact.

If you are inspired by the keychains and looking to dive into Valorant here is the tier list as well as the best crosshairs and codes.

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