Fastest way to complete Major Challenge and unlock DedSec in XDefiant

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Players waiting to play as some Watch Dogs 2 hackers in XDefiant will have to know the definition of grind. Here is the fastest way to complete the Major Challenge and unlock the DedSec faction in XDefiant.

XDefiant: Fastest way to complete Major Challenge and unlock DedSec

Let’s get this out of the way first: the fastest way to unlock DedSec is to spend 1,000 XCoins, which will set you back 10 US dollars. Now, since this is a free-to-play game – that probably needed some server fixing – and I know most of us won’t spend a dime on this game, then completing the Major Challenge is our only course of action. That means that you will have to grind for a total of 700k XP, which is a lot. However, you can optimize your time in-game to ensure you make the best out of this task.

Pick the right XDefiant modes

To be completely honest with you, each XDefiant mode feels rewarding enough that you don’t have a specific mode that will make your XP intake go stonks. However, I would strongly recommend picking both Zone Control and Domination. Zone Control will have your team either defend or attack zones on the map, which will add to your overall score intake if you both defend or try to capture them. Domination is pretty much the same compared to its Call of Duty counterpart, and you will also gain passive XP income by capturing and defending zones.

Image: Ubisoft

You can also choose Hot Shot as an alternative if you are all for the kills, being the equal to Kill Confirmed in CoD. When playing on a small map, you will farm a decent amount of kills if you are well-equipped and you will amass bonus points if you pick up the bounties that drop from enemies which will happen anyway if you are firing at point-blank distance.

Complete daily challenges

Contrary to other challenge types like Base Challenges which unlock weapons, Daily Challenges will reward you with XP. Completing this will secure a good chunk of points and getting them done shouldn’t take you a long time since they aren’t as complex as, for example, farming a whopping 700k XP points – ahem, ahem. Be sure to check out which Daily Challenges are active after each daily reset and complete them to gain tens of thousands of XP.

Xdefiant Lobby
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Play the objectives, please

Maybe I’m just scraping the barrel a bit since there are no XP gain boosts other than Weapon XP Boosts or Battle Royal XP Boosts, but playing each mode’s objectives is important. This is a phenomenon that has always happened across objective-based multiplayer matches in which a portion of the players just decide to kill the enemy and forget about capturing zones or collecting bounties. Please, don’t be that guy, play the objective, and you will notice that you are gaining a steady amount of XP income that does not necessarily relate to how well you pull the trigger of your gun.

Xdefiant Rifle Cleaners
Image: Ubisoft

Anyway, I think you know by now that there are no explicit shortcuts in XDefiant XP farming, so you better get your shooting chops ready, you will be spending quite a bit of time in-game. And don’t get me started on Weapon XP, that is another monster entirely. I hope you unlock DedSec soon since their abilities are quite great for all XDefiant modes.

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