FIFA 23 bug is a glitchy victory for football game equality

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A FIFA 23 bug found in career mode seems to capture an image of equality and diversity perhaps only possible in the EA football game, which is out now, and according to our FIFA 23 review, rather good (so long as you know how to fix the anti cheat error).

FIFA 23 Reddit user TheOutcome3 shares an image apparently captured during their career mode which shows Mayumi Pacheco, a defender for Aston Villa in the FA Women’s Super League, playing alongside the men’s Real Madrid team. “I have a bug in career mode where female players can be signed and now every major team has women in them,” TheOutcome3 explains, adding that they are on “year three” of their career mode, and women players started appearing in men’s teams “last season”.

“You call this a bug,” responds one FIFA 23 Redditor. “I call this revolutionary! Equality!” “Wish this was a feature to be honest,” replies another. “If I can play with Ted Lasso and the AFC Richmond players then surely I could use Sam Kerr and Beth Mead, too.”

It is currently not possible to pit a men’s and women’s team against one another in FIFA 23, let alone create a mixed squad. TheOutcome3 says they are not sure what has caused the supposed bug as FIFA 23’s vast career mode presents “too many variables”, though one fan claims they experience a similar bug in FIFA 22. “How did the bug trigger?,” asks one player. “I want it as well.” “Dude, that’s super fun,” says another. “Wish we could do it on purpose to be honest.”

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