FIFA 23 Dynamic Duos SBC: Mbemba and Suarez solutions

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A FIFA 23 Dynamic Duos SBC has been released, giving you the option of completing two Squad Building Challenges in order to unlock Marseille players Chancel Mbemba and Luis Javier Suarez. It’s the first time this year that EA has released an SBC like this, and given the recent changes to how FIFA 23 chemistry works, these two are nearly guaranteed to have full chemistry in any team.

Last year, a release of a CB and ST, even if from the same team, wouldn’t have had any direct links on the pitch. This time around, however, the pair of players offer a lot of base chemistry for each other, meaning that if you have just one other Ligue 1 player in your first XI, you’ll be in a really good spot if you wanted to create a hybrid team in this football game. Here is the cheapest and easiest way to craft both Mbemba and Suarez for your Ultimate Team.

Dynamic Duo SBC details

This SBC group can be found in the Live section of challenges and contains two segments, each of which awards you with a Dynamic Duo player. The players are:

CB: Chancel Mbemba (Marseille, Ligue 1) – 84

  • Pace: 78
  • Shooting: 52
  • Passing: 61
  • Dribbling: 69
  • Defending: 84
  • Physical: 85

Boasting a base pace of nearly 80, and with excellent defending and physical stats, Mbemba looks to be an excellent early-game centre back. Chancel also possesses the lengthy dribbling archetype, so keeping up with pacey forwards should be no problem.

ST: Luis Javier Suarez (Marsielle, Ligue 1) – 84

  • Pace: 87
  • Shooting: 83
  • Passing: 73
  • Dribbling: 81
  • Defending: 47
  • Physical: 84

Standing at 6’1″, with 85 finishing, and agility and balance both over 80, Suarez looks to be a force to be reckoned with up top. You’re able to change Suarez’s positioning to LM, which is a position he should excel in due to his power and finesse. A Hunter chemistry style nearly maxes out his pace and finishing, while an Architect will give him the lengthy archetype for those gut-busting runs up the wings.

Cheapest Dynamic Duos SBC solution

Both segments of the Dynamic Duos SBC require no chemistry to complete, which means that solving these puzzles is straightforward, and will allow you to use any high-rated untradeable cards you may have from completing other SBCs like Around The World, or First XI. The SBC requirements are:

Chancel Mbemba

  • Minimum one player from Ligue 1
  • Minimum one player with a minimum OVR of 86
  • Minimum one player with a minimum OVR of 85
  • Minimum team rating of 84

Luis Javier Suarez

  • Minimum one player from Ligue 1
  • Minimum one player with a minimum OVR of 85
  • Minimum team rating of 84

Very similar requirements for both players, with Mbemba having the additional wrinkle of requiring an 86 and an 85-rated player in the squad.

To complete Mbemba’s 84-rated squad, you’ll need:

  • One 86-rated player
  • One 85-rated player
  • Two 84-rated players
  • Seven 83-rated players

And for Suarez:

  • One 85-rated player
  • Six 84-rated players
  • Four 83-rated players

Of course, these are just the absolute bare minimum players you need to meet the squad rating of 84. If you have other, higher-rated cards in your club, it will bring down the rating of the other cards you’ll have to submit.

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For more Player SBCs, you should check out the FIFA 23 Rashford POTM card; pairing him with the Dynamic Duo Suarez up top could give any defence nightmares. With TOTW 3 on the horizon and a good chance that Clauss will make the cut, it could make this Dynamic Duo a dynamic trio.



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