FIFA 23 keepers have reflexes like Neo from The Matrix

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FIFA 23 keepers have the reaction times of Neo from The Matrix, it appears. Players of EA’s latest football game instalment are posting multiple funny clips to the FIFA Reddit and other social platforms showing goalkeepers making some unbelievable penalty saves. The last entry in the FIFA series released on September 30, with our FIFA 23 review reporting that it has held up most of the way, but still manages to put a few shots wide over the course of 90 minutes.

One of the more amusing trends players have begun to notice as they dive into this year’s entry is the incredible reflexes displayed by some keepers – especially when going up against the dreaded penalty kicks. Several clips posted to the FIFA Reddit and on other platforms show goalies diving the wrong way only to contort their body and reach the other direction for a last-second parry.

User tomfumtarn shared a clip to the FIFA subreddit showing keeper Péter Gulácsi’s astonishing reactions. Initially, as the kick is taken Gulácsi begins to dive emphatically towards his right (left from the penalty taker’s perspective). As the ball flies towards the onion bag, however, Gulácsi suddenly plants his feet and, in an almost superhuman feat of agility, manages to fling himself back in the opposite direction to parry the ball away.

It’s best seen to be believed, and you can do so for yourself below:

Gulacsi with 100 reflexes from FIFA

Other users have posted similar clips, and players in the responses say that the same thing has happened to them. Some users say that while controlling the keeper themselves, they’ve chosen an incorrect direction to dive in only to have their goalie manage to swing themselves back around to make the save.

The game’s first live tuning update is out now and includes a tweak that “Reduced the accuracy of penalty kicks taken when the composure ring is yellow or red,” so nailing those perfect penalties is going to be even tougher without having to worry about the player between the posts pulling off some incredible antics.

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