FIFA 23 Seven League Boots SBC solution

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The FIFA 23 Seven League Boots SBC comes early on in the Hybrid Leagues group of squad building challenges. You’re required to gather a squad from exactly seven different leagues in the football game, while also requiring a minimum of one chemistry point per player. The easiest way to solve any of these puzzles may initially appear to be filling the 11 slots with those of the same nationality, but high-rated players from smaller leagues are often quite expensive.

This method of completing the FIFA 23 Seven League Boots SBC gets most of its chemistry points from French players, while also throwing in some cheap high-rated Premier League cards to complete the requirements. You may find some other combination of high-rated gold cards in your club already, possibly untradeable, from other SBC solutions – take the core of this solution and tweak it as required. The reward for completing this challenge is a Rare Gold Pack, which should give you a great chance of pulling a FIFA 23 Icon, or one of the many Heroes.

Cheapest Seven League Boots SBC solution

As we mentioned above, the majority of players added to the SBC solution are going to be French, with an additional Premier League element thrown in to complete the chemistry requirements. Here is the cheapest Seven League Boots SBC solution:

  • GK: Lecomte (Espanyol, LaLiga) – 400 coins
  • CB: Umtiti (Lecce, Serie A) – 400 coins
  • CB: Lejeune (Rayo Vallecano, LaLiga) – 450 coins
  • CB: Thomas (SM Caen, Ligue 2) – 1200 coins
  • CM: Fulgini (Mainz, Bundesliga) – 350 coins
  • LM: Diop (Nice, Ligue 1) – 700 coins
  • LW: Bamba (LOSC Lille, Ligue 1) 500 coins
  • ST: Beauguel (Al-Wehda, MBS Pro League) – 400 coins

With that core group of players, you will have six leagues represented in total, only needing one more league to complete the requirements. These three players from the Premier League were rated high enough to bump the squad rating up, and were all reasonably cheap:

  • CM: Keita (Liverpool, Premier League) – 750 coins
  • RW: Kulusevski (Spurs, Premier League) – 700 coins
  • RM: Buendia (Aston Villa, Premier League) – 600 coins

Once you complete the Seven League Boots SBC, there will be a Rare Gold Pack waiting to be claimed in the store. For more advanced SBC guides, you should check out the FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution, and the Around The World SBC solution. You can open the packs straight away, or save them for the upcoming FIFA 23 OTW player release – there are some players in there almost guaranteed to get in-forms over the coming months.

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