Final OlliOlli World DLC expansion to arrive next month

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Back in June, developer Roll7 made its fantastic skateboarding game OlliOlli World even better with the release of the VOID Riders DLC. The addition of the tractor-beam mechanic resulted in all kinds of engaging new level designs, and the last few stages in particular served as a worthy showcase of the developers’ creativity. Fortunately, we’ll soon have another opportunity to see the developers flex their level design chops, as they just revealed the second and last OlliOlli World expansion. Whereas VOID Riders took players to another world, this new DLC expansion, named Finding the Flowzone, will see players skating through the clouds.

Naturally, Roll7 and publisher Private Division prepared a new trailer to coincide with the expansion’s reveal, and it features a full-blown sea shanty for fans to enjoy. As they look at the footage and get a taste of the DLC’s new mechanics and features, fans can feel free to grab a bottle of rum (or a non-alcoholic equivalent for our underage readers) and sing along.


What new tricks does OlliOlli World have up its sleeve?

According to a PlayStation Blog post by Roll7 writer Jemima Tyssen Smith, the primary new mechanic of Finding the Flowzone comes in the form of the Windzones. Naturally, this mechanic made quite a few appearances in the trailer. But essentially, Windzones are gusts of wind that propel players in whatever direction the arrow points. If the Windzone points in the same direction players travel, they receive a simple speed boost. Meanwhile, Windzones pointing in the opposite direction have the chance of flinging players toward otherwise inaccessible routes.

Speaking of routes, OlliOlli World players have no doubt become acquainted with the game’s “gnarly routes,” or alternate paths that tend to require more skill to both reach and traverse. Somewhat surprisingly, the developers have decided to kick things up a notch with the addition of “burly routes” in the DLC. These tricky paths will demand even more dexterity and ingenuity from players, which says a lot considering the already high difficulty of the base game.

A high-altitude adventure

For those who care about OlliOlli World’s light story, Finding the Flowzone sees players meeting up with a new trio of friends called the Radmospheric Three, consisting of Captain Squid, Professor Planks, and Christopher Licht. These three adventurers all aim to access the mystical Radlantis City before anyone else, which players can help them do by skating across the Radlandian skies and acquiring pieces of a map. Unfortunately, B.B. Hopper, a side character found throughout the base game, wants to exploit Radlantis City for his cynical business purposes, so players will not be able to reach this fantastical new land without some competition.

Players itching to return to Radlandia for one last skating session can pick up the new OlliOlli World DLC on November 2, a little less than three weeks from now. Although Finding the Flowzone normally costs $9.99 USD, those who have not yet tried VOID Riders can acquire both expansions in a bundle for only $14.99 USD.


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