Fortnite Goku’s head is shrinking, and it actually looks better

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The Fortnite Goku skin seems to be one of the most popular new skins we’ve had in a long time. It came about thanks to the joys of the Dragon Ball quests, and there’s a lot of nuance to it. He’s also got a fairly big head, but it turns out that he also shares a weird quirk with some other Fortnite skins.

Aiming down sights in Fortnite, has to occasionally use some tricks to make sure all you’re looking at isn’t the back of your character’s head. One of those tricks happens to be shrinking the character model’s head, but you’re usually not going to notice that when you’re in the heat of the moment trying not to get 360 no-scoped.

You will, however, notice it if someone records it and uploads it to Reddit. In case you’re wondering, the hitbox for the Goku skin, or any other skin for that matter, doesn’t actually change; it just looks smaller. You could certainly try and use the larger model to lure out a foe while wandering around the Fortnite map, but we’d not suggest it as one of the best Fortnite tips and tricks for trying to win.

EpicEilliot posted this video up to Reddit showing off the effect using the ADS on the Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher, because it’s one of the weapons where this strange effect is most obvious. One thing that is striking, though, is how much better the head looks when it’s smaller. Maybe they got the proportions for this famously hench Saiyan wrong?

If you’re less interested in the size of Goku’s head and more interested in wolves, then here’s everything you need to know about taming wildlife in Fortnite. That was a painful segue, but we’re still not sorry.

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