Fortnite Spider-Gwen skin from Into the Spider-Verse set for season 4

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A Fortnite Spider-Gwen skin is on its way to season 4 of the battle royale game, which will be good news for fans of Into the Spider-Verse, undoubtedly the best Spider-Man film. It’s not even close to the first time we’ve seen a Spider-Man crossover in the game, but it’s possibly the most exciting one due to how cool Spider-Gwen is.

Despite this skin, it seems as though Season 4 won’t be a Marvel crossover season, which is good news. This is a fairly sharp turnaround given some of the hints about the potential that popped up last week, but we’re pretty sure we can speak for everyone and say that a spattering of Marvel is fine, but Fortnite is often more interesting when it’s doing its own thing.

Rather than being a skin you purchase, Gwen will be in the Season 4 battle pass instead. We’re assuming this means it’ll be a fairly small crossover with the franchise as a result, something more akin to Darth Vader or Indiana Jones from the current season. The news of the Spider-Gwen skin comes via ShiinaBR, who actually mentions that a few other leakers had already talked about it as well.

It feels like an especially busy end of the season for Fortnite fans. At the moment you’ve got the Play Your Way event going on, and Rainbow Royale is due to start soon as well. Given how much the Fortnite map has changed over this season, we’re excited to see just what’s going to happen as the seasons change.

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