Forza Horizon 5 rival gets big update, is free to play this weekend

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The open-world racing genre has been pretty well dominated in recent years by games like Forza Horizon 5, which brings the more simulation-heavy focus of the Forza Motorsport series into a breezier, arcade style romp throughout fictional racing festivals across the world. Still, Ubisoft has tried to get out ahead of Forza Horizon with its own series, The Crew, and especially its Horizon indebted latest entry, The Crew Motorfest. Now there’s good news for anyone curious to see what the O’ahu, Hawaii set open-world racer is all about as Motorfest is celebrating its latest seasonal update with a free weekend.

The racing game‘s season 3 update adds a lot of Hollywood inspired features to The Crew Motorfest, including a ton of new vehicles, maps and modes. The Hollywood Action! playlist, for instance, provides movie style objectives where players drive famous film cars (like a 1963 Aston Martin DB5 popularized by James Bond) through courses that might challenge them with pulling off destructive stunts or trying to stay within the lens of a director’s camera. Season 3 will also begin a rollout of dozens of new vehicles and changes to the game’s Main Stage such as reworked and returning events and challenges, and appearances from notable real-world racers and streamers.

Ubisoft is celebrating this seasonal update by offering The Crew Motorfest’s first free weekend. From Thursday March 14 to Monday March 18, players will be able to give the game a spin on PC through the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect.

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