Genshin Impact’s new Xiao trailer reveals more about the demon hunter’s past

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You’ve probably seen Xiao around in Teyvat while playing Genshin Impact. He pops up in the Wangshu Inn during the first chapter of the Archon Quests and was tested out as a playable character in a recent closed-beta session. While we have a good idea of what it feels like to play him, though, we’ve only had an inkling of what his back story is.

Genshin Impact’s new Xiao story trailer reveals that he is one of five Yakshas summoned by the Archon Rex Lapis to protect Liyue from the manifestations of vengeful, slain gods. While the other Yaksha would succumb to fear, darkness, and themselves, Xiao would remain. The trailer also revealed that three of the Yaksha died while one vanished, which could be a possible story hint.

As we draw closer to the new update, Mihoyo has also locked in Xiao’s moveset and combat style. He is a polearm user who yields the power of the Anemo element. He’s designed to be a highly mobile burst damage dealer, though he’s balanced out by being a bit of a glass cannon. He can sacrifice health to obtain increased damage and greater jumping power for a short time. He can perform up to six rapid strikes with his normal attack, and an upward thrust with a charged attack. Xiao can also dash through enemies at high speed, dealing Anemo damage while he does it.

His main move ties into some of the more exciting parts about his backstory. He puts on a Yaksha mask to boost his AoE, damage, and jumping ability. The boost in his power comes at the expense of his health, though, so be mindful if you manage to get him.

You can find Mihoyo’s summary of Xiao on its website, and the Yaksha’s story trailer down below:

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