Get over 30 years of FPS game history for less than $30 right now

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There are very few games with the attitude, ferocity, and sheer power of the original Doom. Though some, like Hotline Miami and Devil Daggers, carry the id Software classic’s snotty, ultraviolent spirit forward in tone — and throwback shooters like Warhammer 40K: Boltgun or Prodeus channel aspects of its design — the best way to experience what Doom’s all about is by, well, just going back and playing Doom and its sequels. Fortunately, doing so is very cheap right now. As part of Steam’s 2024 Spring Sale, you can pick up every game in the series and their expansions for less than $30 USD.

The entire FPS game series is currently available, from the first Doom to its latest entry, 2020’s Doom Eternal, at a steal of a price. Though the first entry to the series is by far its best, each one of its follow ups is well worth a look for various reasons.

Doom 2’s level design, for instance, is a bit too complicated but its Super Shotgun is one of the best weapons to in videogame history. Many years on from its release, the divisive Doom 3 is a unique deviation from the rest of the series whose moodier horror focus is refreshing when placed next to the fast paced 2016 Doom reboot and its sequel, the fussier but often exhilarating Doom Eternal. Doom 64, with its distinctive visual style and tweaks to the earlier games’ design, stakes a fascinating middle ground that plays and looks better than before on PC.

The entire Doom franchise is 76% off on Steam right now, knocking all six games and their expansions down to $27.98 USD / £22.82. Other entries to the series are discounted from 60% to 80% individually as well. Grab the Doom franchise bundle right here.

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