Get popular indie game roguelike free on Opera GX

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The popular roguelike game Sword of the Necromancer is currently free to anybody who uses Opera GX. All you need to do is download the browser, head to the GX games website, make a free account, then click ‘claim’ on the Sword of the Necromancer page and the game will be yours to play in the browser indefinitely.

If you haven’t heard of Sword of the Necromancer, it’s one of the best indie games, bearing some resemblance to classic Zelda games or Hyper Light Drifter. You play as a young bandit named Tama, who’s on a quest to bring a dead princess back to life. This unfortunate princess, named Koko, is not only Tama’s closest friend but also someone she holds romantic feelings for. While many roguelikes are light on story, this one weaves an emotional tale.

Meanwhile, the gameplay sees you battling against all kinds of monsters as you make your way through various dungeons. What sets this apart from other roguelike dungeon crawlers is the fact that after you’ve killed an enemy, you can use your powers of necromancy to bring them back to life and add them to your party. It completely changes the way that you might look at your enemies and the challenges the game presents.

The game won’t be free forever though. If you don’t claim it before 6 April 2023, you’ll have to pay full price if you want to play it in your GX browser. Even if you don’t want to play it now, it could be good to get it in your library so you’ve got it when you need it.

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