Ghost Song — How to get the other ending and what it likely means

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Once you finish Ghost Song, it’s understandable if you walk away with more questions hanging over your head. Why couldn’t Deadsuit leave? Who was Deadsuit? Ghost Song‘s other ending doesn’t explicitly answer these questions, but it gives us a bit more to chew on. Getting it isn’t difficult and only requires finding a single thing. But you’ll need to take some specific steps before you can get there. I’m going to break down what you need, where you’ll need to go, and what I think it all means.

As for the where, I’m guessing you probably found the robot statue at Ekman’s Crossing. If not, climb the mountain to the right of the Crash Site and keep heading upward. You’ll eventually come to it. There’s a spot that’s rather hard to reach that you may have seen. Getting here can be accomplished with the double jump combined with a dash and using the fist weapon in mid-air to get a bit of extra height. But it’s a bit tricky. Further in, you’ll find a green godseed and an even higher ledge that’s difficult to reach even using the double jump plus fist weapon. It’s apparently possible to make it with this, but I wasn’t able to do so. Here’s where you can find this area on the map.

Screenshot by PC Invasion


How to get the other ending in Ghost Song

If you can’t reach it with the above method, you’re going to need the third jump. The second jump is acquired simply by talking to the Gambler (or the ship’s AI, at least) on the last day, at least if you’ve talked to her before. The third jump takes a bit more legwork. First, you’ll want to have at least 3500 nanogel. Now you’ll need to go see Mabec. If you haven’t found her shop, you likely recognize the name from the Norberg Elevator.

Head to the elevator and use the wall jump to climb the left wall of the shaft. You’ll go through the wall. Follow the pathway until you see a giant head and a couple of flowers. You can access the shop by interacting with the pile behind the flowers. Buy the extra jump module and head back to the spot you couldn’t reach at Ekman’s Crossing. The triple jump will allow you to reach the high wall near where the godseed is and then wall jump your way up. Follow the pathway and you’ll find Charley’s escape pod, with her body lying inside.

This last paragraph and photo will spoil the ending for you, so only read on if you want to read about it or what it might mean. Now all you need to do is head through the red door and initiate the ending sequence by walking up to Construct. Deadsuit will still get irreparably damaged by this, only Pasha will find her instead of Roper. Then Deadsuit implores Pasha to leave her, just as she did with Roper, and then shuts off, seemingly for good. But there’s one very interesting tidbit included here. Deadsuit says, “I’m sorry I left you alone so long” to Pasha, which implies that Deadsuit was Charley’s consciousness all along, somehow caught in the suit. This isn’t stated explicitly, but the implication seems fairly clear. That’s all you need to do to get the other ending in Ghost Song.

Ghost Song Other Ending 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion


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