Gotham Knights QR codes might let you win an Alienware laptop

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Gotham Knights, the new Batman sandbox game from Warner Bros that unlocks on Steam October 21 seems to contain some mystery QR codes hidden around Gotham City, which when scanned offer you the chance to win gaming hardware including an Alienware laptop.

As discovered by the intrepid PCGamesN team during research for our Gotham Knights review, when exploring the Southside section of Gotham City, various QR codes can be found spray painted onto the walls. During Gotham Knights’ pre-release period, some of these were unscannable, and simply led to a non-displaying 404 webpage. One, however, seemed to work, and took us to a Gotham Knights site advertising the Regulators, the deadly gang in Warner Bros’ open-world RPG game overseen by Mr Freeze.

“Good work,” reads the mystery webpage. “The Regulators like how you think. Maybe you should join us.” It then invites players to enter into a sweepstake with the possibility of winning “1 of 4 Gotham Knights skinned Alienware systems with mouse and keyboard,” with two Alienware desktops and two Alienware laptops apparently available. There is also the chance, supposedly, to win a set of Nanoleaf lights, and some Nanoleaf shapes triangles kits.

Whether this competition will be live and available for players on October 21 is currently unclear, but it’s worth investigating the nooks and crannies of Batman’s stomping ground just to make sure.

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