Gotham Knights Red Hood gameplay video divides fan opinion

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Gotham Knights is an upcoming action RPG from WB Games, due for release in October. With the spookiest of months quickly descending on us, it’s about time we got some more gameplay footage from the not-Batman-but-kinda-Batman beat ’em up. Well, we did. We got gameplay footage of Red Hood doing his thing on the streets of Gotham, and to most, it… doesn’t look good.

The Red Hood gameplay video, posted here, shows some of the abilities at your disposal should you choose to play as the anti-hero. Grappling hooks and stomping bad guys are standard fare, with some interesting gunplay thrown in for good measure. The video, however, has some people questioning WB Games’ aesthetic decisions when it comes to the city:

“I can’t get past how empty and desolate the city looks. So only bad guys and criminals exist in this world? Where are the pedestrians? Cars, traffic, animals, etc. I’d get bored playing this in an hour. The environment needs to be more immersive.”

Another user criticised how the character feels when moving and attacking his enemies: “Lord this looks so wonky, he runs like he has a pole up the ass. The animations don’t blend together either so there’s weird little pauses. The attacks also look like they have little to no impact, Christ this is a mess.”

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, I guess. Whether they’re warranted or not, the video does have a certain amount of jank to it, with the extremely heavy adult male wearing full body armour effortlessly grappling from ledge to ledge, interrupting his leaps with.. magic (?) in order to smash a criminals face into the pavement.

It wasn’t all bad, though. One Twitter user reluctantly gave some praise for what they were seeing: “I can’t believe I’m about to say this. This looks great.”

Gotham Knights has a current release date of 22 October, 2022. The time for refinement may be coming to a close with Gotham Knights, but whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll have a rollicking good time bouncing around WB’s unique take on Gotham, saving people left and right on my motorbike – it’s what Bruce would have wanted. Probably.

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