Guilty Gear: Strive gets a trio of new gameplay videos

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Developer Arc System Works has released a trio of new gameplay footage for its upcoming brawler Guilty Gear: Strive, giving us a decent look at the stylised fisticuffs action we can expect from the game when it launches later this year.

Featuring three bouts with a trio of matchups, the videos include a match-up between Sol and Nagoriyuki, Ky versus Giovanna and Axl vs Ramlethal going giant sword-for-katana-for-leather at each other across multiple rounds, with the series’ trademark anime visuals looking crisper than ever on current hardware as the game’s metal soundtrack lets rip on your ears.

The game is about to welcome players to its first open beta next week. Guilty Gear: Strive is set for release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on April 9 and you can check out the gameplay footage for yourself below.

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