Half-Life is a free game on Steam, for now

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NB: Half-Life’s page on Steam is reportedly crashing for some users, and the game is no longer showing as free to download.

Half-Life is arguably one of the greatest PC games of all time, if not the greatest. Valve’s 1998 game reaches brand-new audiences more than two decades on, proving how it continues to stand the test of time. The sci-fi shooter combines its action with puzzles and an intriguing story, making for the ultimate addictive gaming experience. If you haven’t yet seen why the Half-Life hype never seems to die out, you can grab Valve’s ground-breaking game for free on Steam right now.

Half-Life unsurprisingly sits on Steam with a solid 10/10 and thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews. The FPS game has seen multiple fan remakes and mods throughout the years, remaining PC’s defining sci-fi shooter game. Over 50 publications named Half-Life Game of the Year upon its release in the 90s, recognizing Valve’s debut game as a must-play experience for any gamer with a computer.

The game is hitting its 25th anniversary this week, and Valve is celebrating over two wonderful decades of Half-Life with the ultimate Steam sale. The original game is now 100% off on Steam which means everyone gets to experience Valve’s FPS origins entirely for free. With hundreds of hours of possibility, the current Half-Life sale is a deal and then some.

Half-Life usually costs $9.99 / £7.19, which makes this deal an absolute banger. As long as you download Valve’s iconic shooter before Monday, November 20, it’s free to keep in your Steam library forever. Maybe we will get to finally see Half-Life 3 one day, but I won’t hold my breath. For now, I’ll hop back into the game that started it all and remind myself of Black Mesa’s science-based sins.

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