Haypasia special cave and courtyard puzzle guide

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After clearing your first Withering Zone, Tighnari asks you to bring food to Haypasia, the researcher who was ignoring you earlier. The task might sound straightforward, until mysterious shenanigans occur. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Haypasia special cave and courtyard puzzle guide.

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Genshin Impact guide – Haypasia special cave and courtyard puzzle

To reach the special cave in Genshin Impact, return to Haypasia’s location (it’s marked on your map). As the Traveler approaches the researcher, a weird, mushroom-like creature appears. The Traveler faints and wakes up in a domain with gigantic flowers.

Follow the path and you should see Bouncy Mushrooms. Use these to reach the higher ledges. In one of the small rooms, you’ll find a Primeval Rosin (i.e., a large plant with golden nectar). You’ll need three of these to open the doorway at the end.

After picking up your first rosin, it’s as though you’d get ported to a house in Inazuma. Follow the marker to return to the main area.

Go ahead and use the mushrooms to bounce further upward. Defeat the hilichurls in the next small room and interact with the glowing object.

Genshin Impact Special Cave Corridor Puzzle Silent Seeker Of Knowledge 2a

It will transform your character and cause them to fly to another chamber. Grab the second rosin here, then press “T” to grapple onto the sigil.

Upon returning to the main area, you’ll find a couple of ledges and the third rosin down below. With it, you’ll be able to open the doorway.

The zone will change again. This time, you’ll see a courtyard puzzle.

To complete the special cave courtyard puzzle in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to move your camera around so that the two halves of the image are lined up properly.

Genpct Smr St Gd Spcdom 1

Pass through the doorway and grapple all the way to the top of the platforms. There, you’ll meet with an Abyss Herald.

While you can damage your foe at first, he’ll be immune once his HP is low. This is when the Traveler suddenly wakes up.

Genpct Smr St Gd Spcdom 2

Cook the boxed lunch that was given to you earlier by Tighnari and hand it over to Haypasia to help her recover.

In the next short scene, Haypasia tells you that the strange creatures seem to have a connection with the Dendro Archon. They cause people to fall asleep and dream (it’s revealed that the adults in Sumeru never dream at all due to their focus on rationality and logic).

Genpct Smr St Gd Spcdom 3

With Haypasia in good spirits, make your way back to Gandharva Ville to speak with Tighnari and Collei.

Your adventure isn’t over yet, because you’ll now have to go to Sumeru City.

Genpct Smr St Gd Spcdom 4

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