Hidden Mercenaries and Thutmose’s Secret Base guide

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The researcher Soheil will task you with infiltrating the hideout of the Thutmose mercenary group. To do just that, you’ll need to acquire a password. Here’s our Genshin Impact Hidden Mercenaries guide to help you enter Thutmose’s Secret Base as part of the Soheil’s Wish quest.

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Genshin Impact Soheil’s Wish guide – Hidden Mercenaries and Thutmose’s Secret Base

If you’re tracking the Hidden Mercenaries quest in Genshin Impact, you’ll see a map marker for the Thutmose’s Secret Base. While it does point to a device, the one important thing here is the female merc that’s patrolling the area. The goal is similar to that of stealth minigames and quests: do not get detected. That means you’ll want to stay behind the target, all while avoiding combat.

Note: If you do get spotted or if you accidentally kill the mob, you can respawn her by exiting the game and logging back in.

In any case, go ahead and follow the female enemy until she divulges the password: Marg bar parvezravan.

Make your way back to the device and select the correct password that pops up. Don’t worry about the other mobs if they detect you. As long as you’ve obtained the passcode, you’re good to go.

Enter the temple and cut through the tunnel. Eventually, you’ll encounter a Seelie. Follow it until it leads you to a treasure chamber. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A couple of chests can be unlocked by defeating the enemies next to them.
  • If you free the three caged Seelie, you can unlock the Luxurious Chest in the middle of the chamber.
  • There’s a common chest right next to the luxurious one. It provides you with the quest item that gets handed over to Soheil.

Apart from the above, you can also do a some additional tasks:

  • There are several explosive barrels behind one of the huts. Blow these up to destroy the wall. The tunnel behind leads to the open area and the western cliffside of the Valley of Dahri.
  • In the main tunnel where you spotted the Seelie, there’s a small temple with a merc opponent. Take him out so you can interact with the Sacred Seal Obelisk.
  • If you grapple to the top, you can place keystones on the glowing pedestals to spawn hourglasses. Tag all three within the time limit for a chest. Lastly, there’s a Dendroculus next to the branches.

When you’re done, you can revisit Aaru Village to talk to Soheil. Alternatively, you might want to complete the other objectives first, such as Invisible Barrier and Desert’s Remembrance.

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