Hogwarts Legacy trailer soars on YouTube despite delays

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The first Hogwarts Legacy trailer for the wizarding world RPG has been keeping up with the hype, as the fantasy title has now become the most watched game trailer on the official PlayStation YouTube channel despite the game’s recent delay into next year.

Now the third most viewed video on the console platform’s YouTube, the Hogwarts Legacy trailer edges out the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man and God Of War. The Hogwarts legacy trailer currently sits at around 30,150,000, less that a million over Marvel’s Spider-Man’s 2016 trailer. The only two videos to eclipse the Hogwarts Legacy reveal trailer are the PS5 hardware reveal trailer and a video dedicated to the PS4 from 2013. 

The popularity of the wizarding game comes despite developer Avalanche Studios having the Hogwarts Legacy release date delayed for the second time, with the title now releasing on February 10, 2023 instead of the previous date of this year.

Avalanche said the delay was done in an effort to “deliver the best possible game experience,” although no specific reasons were given for the games delay into next year. 

Whilst you wait, you can even bring over your own wand and previously assigned Hogwarts house from the Harry Potter fan club into Hogwarts Legacy, and apparently extra rewards will be waiting for you in the game if your fan club and WB Games accounts are linked together as well.

Harry Potter himself won’t be in Hogwarts Legacy however, as the game takes place in the 1800s, over a century before the character was born. You can also check out the Hogwarts Legacy system requirements, 

After the delay to Hogwarts Legacy, you might also find yourself with a hankering for the best RPG games on PC this year, and we’ve got you covered.

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