Hollow Knight and Monster Hunter combine in new Metroidvania, out now

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The Metroidvania genre is having something of a resurgence lately. Aside from recent launches like the acclaimed Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and Ultros, we’ve also seen modern classics like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells come out and introduce new twists to the kind of design approach players expect. Frostleaf Games is continuing in this vein with its newly launched Slavania, a game that blends Hollow Knight style action and platforming with perilous enemy pursuit that resembles Monster Hunter.

Slavania takes a unique approach to the action-adventure game genre, introducing concepts from RPGs to what looks at first glance like a straightforward retro style platformer. Set in a fantasy world stalked by a diverse range of monsters, Slavania arms players with a spear that acts as both their main navigation tool and weapon. By upgrading it, players can unlock new combat options as well as movement abilities that let them find their way through the game’s labyrinthine world.

The big hook, apart from a striking visual style that looks like a series of intricate dioramas come to life, is that Slavania emphasizes moral choices and careful preparation for taking on bosses. Players have to learn important information about their quarry’s weak points, as in The Witcher 3, if they want to track them down and beat them in a fight.

You can grab Slavania at 20% off on Steam ($12.79 USD / £10.79) from now until its launch discount ends on March 27. Find it right here.

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