How long is Gotham Knights – full mission list

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Want to know how long Gotham Knights is? With Batman out of the picture, it’s up to you to save Gotham from all the criminal scum in this open world game. Unfortunately, as you step out of the Belfry, you’re greeted with an intimidating list of icons, so it’s easy to get sidetracked from the main mission list

As you progress through the campaign, new icons and missions will appear on the map. You may soon be asking just how long Gotham Knights is, as it throws an endless barrage of tasks at you, with every rest of the Belfry replenishing the amount of crime going on in the city. To keep you on track, here is everything you need to know about missions in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights length

The main campaign for Gotham Knights should take you between 20-25 hours to complete. You need to complete some side missions in order to progress through the game, so this number is a rough estimate. In addition, completing all the challenges, as well as finding all collectibles, such as the Gotham Knights Batarangs, will take significantly longer.

Upon completing the main campaign, you can unlock New Game + in the main menu. This will reset story progression and increase the level of all enemies, but you’ll retain your character progression and increase the level cap to 40.

Gotham Knights missions list: Harley Quinn is wearing glasses and a headset. She is smirking.

Gotham Knights case files

Here are the main case files and how many parts there are in each one. We have opted not to name the cases as a couple of them reveal significant spoilers:

  • Case one – four parts
  • Case two – two parts
  • Case three – two parts
  • Case four – two parts
  • Case five – two parts
  • Case six – two parts
  • Case seven – two parts
  • Case eight – two parts

There are also separate case files for the three supervillains who have now resurfaced after Batman’s death.

  • Harley Quinn – four parts
  • Mr. Freeze – six parts
  • Clayface – four parts

Side missions

In addition to the main story case and the three supervillain cases, there are a few side quests you can complete to unlock the Knighthood skill tree, Fast Travel locations, Momentum abilities, and Contact missions. These include Time Trials for both your first Knighthood ability for all four characters and the Batcycle. Unlike the repeatable missions, these don’t reappear after finishing them.

Gotham Knights missions list - Red Hood is beating up a Freak firestarter as a second throws a molotov cocktail at them. A security truck has its back forcefully opened by a laser turret. There is an ice cream truck nearbyt and a coffee shop in the distance.

Repeatable missions

While you can’t replay any of the cases or side missions, there are plenty of tasks you can complete every night. These include:

Premeditated Crimes

These missions initially have you rescue hostages, foil robberies, infiltrate strongholds, and bring murderers to justice. These replenish after you return to the Belfry every night. Later on, you can also find Owl Nests from which you can clear Court of Owl-affiliated enemies. Finally, after beating all of the supervillain cases, one of Gotham’s Most Wanted enemies may appear in any Very Hard Premeditated Crime. The full list of Premeditated Crimes are:

  • Bomb Threat – several hostages now have bombs on their wrists. Save them while remaining undetected. If you trip the alarm, the countdown will start until the bombs explode.
  • Crime Scene – scan a murder victim to reveal clues to their murderer. Usually followed up with either a Criminal Stronghold or Criminal In Hiding Premeditated Crime.
  • Armored Truck Robbery – defeat all enemies before they steal cash from a stationary truck. Punching enemies with bags of money will force them to drop it.
  • Armed Robbery – the same as the Armored Truck Robbery, but the robbers are instead stealing from a bank.
  • Criminal Stronghold – defeat all enemies without being spotted, or reinforcements will arrive. Occasionally, these missions also have hostages that need rescuing.
  • Organ Trafficking – infiltrate a stronghold and find the cryo tank with the organ inside. Once taken, you must head for Dr. Thompkins to deliver it before the time runs out. If spotted beforehand, the timer will start prematurely. Dr. Thompkins may be under attack as you arrive.
  • Illegal Hack – defeat waves of enemies before the progress of the hack reaches 100%. Occasionally has more than one computer for enemies to hack from.
  • Kidnapping In Progress – clear all enemies before progress on breaching the truck reaches 100%. This mission type can either have a kidnapping victim or a criminal they wish to break out.
  • Criminal In Hiding – defeat the key target hiding inside a stronghold.
  • Officers Under Attack – defeat waves of enemies before they kill the police officers. Number of friendly officers can be anywhere from two to four.
  • Owl’s Nest – defeat all enemies inside a Court of Owls secret bunker.

GCPD Report

These are the same as Premeditated Crimes, but you didn’t get enough intel by defeating enemies or interrogating leaders during the previous night to reveal it. You will go blind, not knowing the mission’s difficulty, the crime’s nature, and the perpetrators.

Gotham Knights missions list: Red Hood is talking to an EMT standing next to her yellow ambulance.

Contact missions

You can visit The Penguin outside the Iceberg Lounge in the Financial District, Detective Montoya in the pavilion next to Commissioner Gordon’s memorial in Old Gotham, Lucius Fox on the roof of Foxteca in New Gotham, or Dr. Thompkins by her ambulance north of Wayne Tower in Otisburg. After completing all of their objectives, they’ll give you new equipment or mod chips and some rare crafting resources. Once you have the reward, you can immediately start on their new objectives.

Gotham Knights missions list: Red Hood is talking to a woman in a purple coat with a red scarf.

The Watch

Similarly to the contact missions, one of the five members of The Watch will appear on the map. Complete their objectives to get a small reward. They won’t appear again until you rest at the Belfry after a night of hunting down criminals.

Gotham Knights missions list: Red Hood is fighting a few Freaks gang members in an alleyway.

Opportunistic Crime

These are smaller crimes, such as perps stealing belongings from victims or breaking into a building. The stakes are lower here than in Premeditated Crimes. If the arrow is yellow, this is an Opportunistic Crime that progresses towards the main case when you resolve it.

With all of the missions and side quests listed, you should now have a rough idea of how long Gotham Knights is. To help you progress on some of the more collectible-themed missions, we have guides on Gotham Knights landmarks and Gotham Knights street art showing all of their locations. We also have all the info on getting Gotham Knights styles to kit your chosen hero into one of their iconic outfits.

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