How to beat Eevee Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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While not as iconic as Charizard or Pikachu, everyone who’s ever played Pokemon has heard of Eevee. Taking this adorable Pokemon down is quite a challenge, so let me show you how to beat Eevee Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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How to beat the 7 Star Eevee Tera Raid

Image: PC Invasion

Eevee is a Normal Type Pokemon, which means it’s only weak to Fighting types. For the 7 Star Raid, Eevee is imbued with the Normal Tera Type, so choosing a Pokemon with a decent Fighting ability is essential.

Eevee has a few tricks up its sleeve, so here’s what you’re up against:

Eevee Moveset

Tera Type: Normal
Hidden Ability: Anticipation

  • Baby Doll Eyes
  • Charm
  • Bite
  • Double Edge
  • Hyper Voice

I have read reports that Eevee has a few additional moves like Surf, Flamethrower, and Leaf Blade, although I’ve not seen them in action.

Eevee is less of a threat than the Hisuian Decidueye and Typhlosion and can be defeated solo with a few popular Raid Pokemon.

Best Eevee counter for the 7 Star Tera Raid

How to beat Eevee Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image: PC Invasion

I’ll recommend two builds here, and I can confirm these work solo, although you can use them online if you wish.

Iron Hands Build

Tera Type: Fighting
Ability: Quark Drive
Nature: Adamant

  • Belly Drum
  • Drain Fist
  • Electric Terrain
  • Iron Defense

This is a quintessential Raid build, but the only parts of Iron Hands moveset you’ll be using are Belly Drum and Drain Fist. Open the battle with Belly Drum to maximize Iron Hand’s attack, then let rip with Drain Fist. 

Terastalize as soon as possible, and spam away with Drain Fist until Eevee falls. You’ll only need to deviate from this strategy if Eevee nullifies stat changes on your side. Your opponent will likely do this several times during the fight, so watch for the prompt. When your stats are reset, simply use Belly Drum to buff your attack and resume with Drain Fist.

My only recommendation with this fight is to use a few PP-ups on Drain Fist. This attack only has 10PP by default, and increasing it to 16PP is a big help.

How to beat Eevee Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image: PC Invasion

Annihilape Build

The mighty Raid killer itself returns for the Eevee Tera Raid with an almost identical strategy to the one we use with Iron Hands.

Tera Type: Fighting
Ability: Defiance
Nature: Adamant

  • Drain Fist
  • Bulk Up
  • Screech

Like the Iron Hands build, Drain Fist is the move that makes everything work. Start the battle by spamming Bulk Up to increase your Attack and Defence. After 4-5 uses, switch to Drain Fist and Terrastalize when possible. 

This fight will take longer with Annihilape than with Iron Hands, but you’re essentially unkillable. When Eevee nullifies your stat changes, use Bulk Up a few times before resuming your Drain Fist spam.

For this moveset, you must have 16PP for Drain Fist as the default 10PP isn’t enough.

Eevee is a formidable opponent, but Drain Fist is utterly broken in this 7-star Raid and will carry you to victory.

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