How To Catch the Carrot Garden Thief

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After increasing spirituality a few times, a notice goes up on the town board that a mysterious carrot thief is raiding Miko’s garden. Here’s how to catch the carrot garden thief and bring justice to the town of Spirittea.

Miko’s carrot garden thief puzzle guide

Like every incident, you must start by tracking Miko down and asking her about it. However, you also have to talk to Amelia, who is usually right with Miko, for a second clue. Putting their clues together, the culprit comes out at night, but the garden is untouched at 3 AM.

To quickly catch the carrot garden thief in Spirittea, sleep until 3 AM and travel over to the garden in question right below the convenience store on the map. Then wait until 4 AM and enter spirit vision. At about 4:14, you’ll see the spirit come down into the garden.

However, talking to the spirit results in it fleeing. If you want to save repeating the process once or twice before Wonyan gives you a hint, here’s how to successfully lure the spirit so Wonyan can coin smack it.

Baking up a lure for Miko’s carrot garden spirit

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You’ll need two recipes to solve this encounter: the carrot cake and the cake recipe, both purchased from the general store for 30 Moolags each, 60 total. They’re not always available for purchase as recipes rotate, but I found them available to purchase on Wednesday and Thursday, at the least.

The ingredients for the recipes are as follows:

  • Plain cake: Milk, flour, egg
  • Carrot cake: Carrot, cream cheese, plain cake
Carrot Garden Recipes Spirttea
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To avoid running out of backpack space, buy the flour and egg from the general store followed by the milk from the convenience store, then return to your home stove. Select the ingredients by moving over to your backpack, pressing E, then E again on all the ingredients, then hit ESC, move back to the stove, and hit start to make the plain cake.

Pick it up off the floor once it’s done baking because, for some reason, your character is a heathen who takes things out of the oven directly onto the floor. After that, the cream cheese is from the convenience store and the carrot is from the general store.

Setting the trap

Sleep to 3 AM again and walk over to the garden. Take the carrot cake from your inventory and set it off to the right, then hide behind the nearby tree and enter spirit vision at 4:14 again.

The spirit tries to eat the cake and Wonyan smacks it with his coin, sure enough.

Carrot Garden Upo Spirttea
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This spirit is Upo. You can’t see them from the front sprite, but she does have rabbit ears. After the two finish, you get your choice of two dialogue options to reprimand Wonyan for always being violent, which is the most satisfying part of this quest, in my opinion. To top it off, you can pick up the carrot cake you made and put it in your backpack again. Success!

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