How to complete Monster Movie Night in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Monster Movie Night is Sulley’s first quest in Dreamlight Valley, unlocked after raising your friendship with him to level two. It’s our job to bring an old tradition back to the Valley, and this guide is here to help you every step of the way.

Table of contents:

Image: PC Invasion

After talking to Sulley and picking up the Monster Movie Night quest, find and speak to Scrooge McDuck. Mr. McDuck will explain why Sulley can’t find VHS tapes in his store, and it’s not because everyone in Dreamlight Valley has Netflix subscriptions or DVD players.

Scrooge decided to discontinue VHS rentals because villagers would forget to return them. He mentions that Ursula, Goofy, or Mickey has a monster movie they never returned, and to seek them out. Talk to Mickey Mouse to learn that he and Minnie somehow lost the tape in a “deep and dark place on Dazzle Beach.”

How to find the Videotape in a deep and dark place

Disney Dreamlight Valley Monster Movie Night Videotape Location
Image: PC Invasion

The Videotape is located at the very bottom of the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach. Use your Royal Shovel to dig up the Videotape, then return to Sulley.

How to craft the Big Scream TV

Now you have the movie, it’s time to make the TV. To craft the Big Scream TV, you need the following materials:

  • Fiber x50
  • Softwood x20
  • Glass x10

You can craft a stack of five Fiber using one Seaweed obtained by fishing in open water. Softwood can be found just about anywhere with trees, and Glass is crafted with Sand and Coal Ore. Glass is sometimes sold at Kristoff’s stall if you have it unlocked.

Once you have the necessary materials, craft the Big Scream TV in the Functional Items tab of the Crafting Bench. Bring it to Sulley, who will ask you to surprise Mike with the news.

How to put on a Monster Movie Night outfit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Monster Movie Night Outfit
Image: PC Invasion

For the next step, you need to “put on a Monster Movie Night outfit” consisting of the following clothes:

  • Blue casual top
  • Blue casual pants
  • “Scarer Sulley” Slippers

Use the ‘Requests‘ tab of the clothing screen or the filters to select “Blue” and “Casual” to find a top and pants perfect for a Monster Movie Night. Scarer Sulley Slippers can be purchased by talking to Scrooge in his store if you don’t own them already. I chose a Blue Monster’s University T-Shirt and Blue Bootcut Jeans to fit the theme.

Place the Big Scream TV

Return to Sulley in your monstrous new outfit, and he’ll ask you to place the Big Scream TV in the Valley. The TV setup disappears after you take the photograph, but Sulley will give you the Big Scream TV itself once you complete the quest.

That’s it for now! Like all villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Sulley has more quests to unlock at higher friendship levels. The next one is at Level 4 and requires Kristoff and Remy in the Valley.

While you’re leveling up Sulley (or Mike) for your next adventure, don’t forget to complete Star Path duties to earn some roarsome rewards.

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