How to complete Saving the Mole in Escape from Tarkov

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The guys in charge of TerraGroup might not be too excited about this. Here is how to complete the Saving the Mole quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov: How to complete Saving the Mole

Saving the Mole is one of the quests in Escape from Tarkov. Interact with the Mechanic trader to get it. It is a pickup quest and you will have to find out what happened to a lab scientist. He was leaking information and, therefore, higher-ups decided to send a USEC task force. This will all happen on the Ground Zero map and you will have to complete the following objectives:

Saving the Mole objectives

  • Go to the TerraGroup complex’s parking lot in search of the USEC PMC task force.
  • Find the lab scientist.
  • Enter the lab scientist’s office.
  • Collect the scientist’s hard drive and extract.

As instructed by the quest objectives, the whole quest action will happen at the TerraGroup complex, located on the northern side of the Ground Zero map.

Image: Xtycho

TerraGroup Complex walkthrough

You will find the entrance to the parking lot right in the top left corner of the complex. Move towards the opposite side of the parking lot and you will find a Terragroup van with the USEC PMC task force, all of them dead.

Go through the entrance just beside the van and go through the passage on the left. You will then arrive at the main lobby of the TerraGroup complex. Everything is destroyed and there’s a lot of rubble everywhere. Head straight towards the door located at the other side of the room, just right of the TerraGroup logo and to the left of a very particular cat statue.

Head through the door, turn left, and approach the rubble on the other side of the corridor. You will find that the rubble crushed the scientist. Search his body and you will find the keys to his office.

Head back to the lobby and head up the stairs on your left. On the second floor turn left and then left again and you will be inside the office wing of the floor. Go straight ahead and find office number 4, which is the scientist’s office. Use the key to enter and you will find the scientist’s hard drive just lying on his desk.

Saving the Mole quest rewards

Once you get your hands on the hard drive, you are good to go! Head to the nearest extraction point and deliver the loot to the Mechanic. As you can see, there isn’t much difficulty with this mission other than the occasional hostile Scav that may appear on the map. The task force is gone and no rubble will fall on top of your head and kill you. Here are the rewards for completing Saving the Mole in Escape from Tarkov:

  • 3,800 experience points.
  • +0.01 to Mechanic reputation.
  • A minimum of 15,000 Roubles.
  • Two Tubes of Poxeram cold welding-
  • Two Metal spare parts.

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