How to date and favorite gifts

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Although romance is not a central aspect of Moonstone Island, it’s still something you should try out when you’re not taming Spirits or tending to your farm. In this Moonstone Island romance guide, we’ll cover how to date the NPCs and all their favorite gifts.

Moonstone Island romance guide: How to improve relationships

In total, there are 11 romance options to choose from. 10 of them live in the town, while the last one is the Magic Man you stumble upon while exploring islands. Every day, you have the chance to speak with each NPC three times. You can Chat, Joke, or Flirt. Each choice has a chance of success, which can change as you start to become closer to them and upgrade your skill tree.

  • Chat: 70%
  • Joke: 50%
  • Flirt: 10%
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While flirting seems to be at such a low success rate, you need to raise that NPC’s heart levels to make it a higher chance rate. I recommend giving gifts to NPCs every day, while also chatting and joking. Only start to flirt if your chances are much higher than 10%. Also, if you have a Fluffox Spirit following you around, it can give you a 10% boost in social interactions!

There are also upgrades in the skill tree to have better success rates. If you level up, at the end of the day you’ll have the chance to unlock a skill from the skill tree. Under the Social category, there are some important skills to unlock if you want to make relationships faster:

  • Great Listener: Gain Relationship points 5% faster.
  • Caring Person: Gain Relationship points 10% faster.
  • Nice Person: Gain Relationship points 15% faster.
  • Chatty: Increases chances of successfully chatting by 10%.
  • Fast Talker: Can talk to villagers one extra time per day.
  • Funny: Increases chances of successfully joking by 10%.
  • Generous: Can give one additional gift per week.
  • Flirty: Increases chances of successfully flirting by 10%.

How to date in Moonstone Island

Asking someone out on a date is easy, but getting rejected can happen often. At any point, you can ask an NPC to go on a date. You’ll then get three options for locations: Beach, Tavern, or Hot Spring. The Beach is the easiest to get a date, the Tavern is a 50/50 chance, and the Hot Spring is pretty difficult to get successfully. This changes as you get closer with the NPC.

Moonstone Island Romance Guide How To Date And Favorite Gifts Locations
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Once your favorite NPC finally says yes to your date, and you get to the date, you have the option to say three things. The response from the NPC can go from very positive to very negative. Choose wisely! The fourth location is locked until you start a romantic relationship with the NPC.

How to start a romantic relationship

Although you can go on dates, you’re not technically courting them just yet. What you need to do first is craft a Moonstone Bracelet at your Moonstone Enchanter.

Moonstone Island Romance Guide How To Date And Favorite Gifts Bracelet
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The only way to get this crafting recipe is by unlocking the “More than a Crush” skill in the skill tree. This skill is in a skill pathway, meaning it’s only available once you unlock the ones before it, which are Nice Person, Caring Person, and Great Listener.

For only only Iron Ingot and three Moonstones, you can craft this bracelet. Once you gift it to an NPC, this jumpstarts your official relationship with them! Now, you can finally go on dates with them at their house, unlocking the fourth date destination.

All NPC’s favorite gifts in Moonstone Island

Ossono Flowers
Screenshot: PC Invasion

All NPCs have gifts that they adore, and some that they just like. While I’m still in my first year of Moonstone Island, there are certain gifts I know these NPCs like, but others that I may have not discovered yet. Otherwise, here are all the NPC’s favorites and likes for gifts.

NPC Loves Likes
Cleo Completed Treasure Maps, old items Coal, Old Boots, Ash
Ferra Ingots, Ore, Coal Flax Flower, Gems
Gaiana Rare plants (not on Moonstone Island), Yarrow Flax Flower, most flowers
Magic Man Coffee, Beer, Wine Gems
Ofelia Flax Flower, Sea Glass, Clay, Cloth Most flowers
Ossono Flax Flower, Beer  Most flowers
Paolo Anything made of wood Flax Flower
Quill Hot things (Heat Plants, Fireballs) Spicy Food, Flax Flower
Rowan Plants from dangerous islands (Ghostshroom, Skeleplant, Bloodroot), Dark Spirit Egg, Balloon Flax Flower
Tobin Cinderfish, Blobfish, Moonfish, Bunnyfish, Jewelfish Flax Flower
Zed Coffee, Stonefruit, Beach Peach Sparks, Flax Flower

Hopefully, this Moonstone Island romance guide was helpful in you figuring out how to date NPCs and give them their favorite gifts! With all the gifts you’re giving out, you’ll need to earn money fast so you can afford them.

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