How to defeat Klaus the Great White Shark in Dave the Diver

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There is a wide variety of enemies to battle with in Dave the Diver, but the great white shark Klaus is one of the hardest. He is massive, has unbelievably high health, an outrageous reach, and disgustingly high damage. The first time I came up against Klaus, I was unprepared and had no idea how I was going to beat him. I had to return to the boat in order to prepare, which was a first for me in the game. Here’s how I eventually did it.

How to defeat Klaus in Dave the Diver

Klaus is a big fish, and that means Dave the Diver can defeat it. Nothing stops our man in the mask from getting his sushi. However, before you embark on this night dive, make sure you are properly equipped. You will need a long-range weapon that is upgraded. Level one just won’t cut it, I recommend the sniper. Ensure you have your tanks geared right up, too; Klaus is going to take a huge amount of oxygen from you every time he attacks. Lastly, wear the charms that give you dash and speed boosts.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Klaus’ attack pattern

Klaus has two stages of attack in Dave the Diver. The first is just a slower version of the second. Klaus has three main attacks he will use in the water. Both must be dealt with differently to beat him.

  • Dash – This one is telegraphed for a long time, but due to its size and speed, it will still hit you if you stay still too long. Swim constantly while he is lining up, and dash as soon as he moves. The best option is to put as much space between the two of you as possible before he launches.
  • Whirlpools – Klaus will swim to the opposite side of the arena to Dave the Diver. As soon as he does this, you must swim as far away as possible. This will give you time to judge the whirlpools that he fires across the screen. Take your time, don’t try to grab ammo or O2, and wait for the attacks to finish before you try to get any hits in.
  • Chomp – If you let him get too close, you’re gonna get chomped. Keep your distance from Klaus to avoid this devastating attack.
How to defeat Klaus in Dave the Diver

Screesnhot by PC Invasion

How to damage Klaus in Dave the Diver

As mentioned previously, a charm for extra speed and dash will ensure you can keep your distance. This means that you will need a long-range weapon. Initially, I kept dying to Klaus because I was rushing into the battle. Take your time and use the moment when he is winding up his charge to get one or maybe two shots in. Don’t try to attack all the time, as he will simply close down the space and chomp Dave the Diver up.

Keep your distance and be prepared for a long fight. He has a lot of health, and your guns do very little.


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