How to defeat Marana’s Avatar (Aranyaka quest)

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After lifting the seals in the desert cavern, Arama will take you to a dark plane that seems to be the source of the corruption. There, you’ll face your foe. Here’s our Genshin Impact Aranyaka Part 3 quest guide to help you defeat Marana’s Avatar.

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Genshin Impact Aranyaka Part 3 – How to defeat Marana’s Avatar

The Marana’s Avatar boss fight in Genshin Impact is fairly straightforward. It’s just one big blob, after all. There are a few tidbits to take note of:

  • You can only control the Traveler in this encounter. She’ll be at level 80.
  • The boss won’t take damage until you cleanse the Withering Zones.
  • Follow Arama when he tells you to do so. He’ll retain his healing aura, so you can stay in tip-top condition while preventing your Withering meter from rising.
  • Arama’s barrier protects you from Withering Light, which is a spell that causes multiple beams to home in on your location.

When each Withering Zone is cleared, grapple points will pop up. Use them to get back to the center of the arena and wail away on Marana’s Avatar.

Once the boss’ health has been lowered significantly, a short cutscene will play where it’ll blast everyone with a dark beam.

Suddenly, the memories of your adventures with the Aranara will flood your consciousness, allowing you to recover and defeat your foe. With the boss taken out, Arana will appear and sacrifice himself to become a cleansing tree. Sadly, this will also cause some Aranara to lose their memories.

This will conclude the Aranyaka Part 3 quest in Genshin Impact, which causes Part 4 to begin…

Don’t worry, it’s a fairly short one. Just go back to the marked location where Rana is. She’ll finally be freed from the bubble. Likewise, you’ll see that she finally has a Vision. I genuinely hope she becomes a playable character down the line because of the unbelievable amount of time and effort it took to actually save her.

In any case, this is the end of the Aranyaka quest chain in Genshin Impact. It might be the longest quest chain in the entire game, although a lot of the mechanics and tasks are very thematic and original. My only gripe is that the boss fight is poorly designed, holding your hand in every manner possible, as opposed to a truly climactic and epic conclusion.

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