How to discover the Other in scenes

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Using match cuts to fill up your movie grid is integral if you want to progress further in Immortality. The story might seem disjointed and confusing at first, but you’ll soon notice a cohesive narrative. Then, just as you thought this mystery couldn’t get any darker, the game throws a curve ball your way. Here’s our Immortality guide to help you discover the Other — a mysterious woman — in various scenes.

Note: We’ll have an Immortality guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Immortality guide: How to discover the Other in various scenes

Immortality lets you use a Moviola-esque feature, rewinding and fast-forwarding countless clips to find out what truly happened to Marissa Marcel. In fact, rewinding and fast-forwarding are two important actions that you’ll have to use if you want to discover the Other.

First, make sure that you can hear the game’s audio clearly. There are moments when you’re playing a clip, and you’ll hear music that builds up the tension. This is somewhat different from most audio cues in the game, as it is fairly distinct. For instance, I first heard that odd sound during a scene where Marissa was dancing while wearing a motion-capture suit.

If you start hearing the strange audio, try to rewind the scene. You’ll see a black-and-white outline of a someone juxtaposed with what you’re currently watching. It gets weirder from there as you fast-forward the clip so you can rewind it once more. You may also try slowing down or speeding up the scrubbing function by holding down the shift key.

Eventually, the “real” scene will be replaced by the black-and-white scene with the woman. I simply call this mysterious woman in Immortality as the Other. The Other will start telling you more about herself, and you’ll slowly piece together the puzzle.

Immortality The Other 1

Here are some additional tidbits when dealing with the Other in Immortality:

  • The scrubbing controls are reversed (i.e., rewind advances her dialogue/scene).
  • Once her scene ends, you can try to fast-forward to see if something else happens. This type of instance occurs several times in the game (i.e., you’ll rewind and fast-forward to see every key moment).
  • As you continue to unlock more footage, you might hear those audio cues once more.
  • Some clips involving the Other are reused. Don’t worry if you end up rewatching the same thing.
  • Just keep at it and be patient. Eventually, you’ll learn of the Other’s schemes, and you might even meet her “friend.”

Immortality is available via Steam.

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