How to do the Overpass Heaven smoke in CS2

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The Heaven smoke for the B Site push in Overpass is crucial, but, it has been changed with the Overpass rework in CS2.

Overpass is one of the maps that recently received major reworks with the release of CS2. Thus, several known and used lineups are now invalid. In the new Overpass map, we have found some lineups to block B Heaven or Sniper’s Nest efficiently. In this guide, we will show you how to smoke Heaven of Overpass in CS2.

CS2: Overpass Heaven smoke lineups

The B Heaven smoke in Overpass will help you a lot to block out any sniper vision from the sniper’s nest and to enter the site smoothly. You can smoke Heaven before entering the site by directly aiming at it. However, to minimize the risk and for a successful execution into the B Site, here are two lineups that will block the B Heaven for you.

From Alley

You can throw a smoke on B Heaven from Alley, ahead of T Spawn. This is faster and more efficient as it takes you less time to reach the location. However, this lineup is a bit hard to learn and requires you to do a run and jump throw to land your smoke in the perfect location.

First, align yourself with the line on the wall as shown in the image below. Positioning is vital to the success of this lineup.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

After you’re properly aligned, turn to the opposite side and place your crosshair in the middle of the planks in front of you. Now, take your crosshair a bit higher in the middle of the metal bar above the planks.

Overpass Heaven Smoke From Alley
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After the lineup is done, run three or four steps ahead and do a jump throw. If everything is done perfectly, the smoke will land directly on Heaven, blocking out the enemy’s vision towards B’s entrance.

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From Water

Smoking Heaven from Water is far easier than the previous method shown in this guide. Head through the tunnel and enter the Water. Here you will see a cardboard with an arrow sign drawn on it. Position yourself in the corner of the cardboard and make sure you’re touching the cement platform on your left.

Overpass Heaven Smoke From Water
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now, place your crosshair between the metal rod and the cardboard, as shown in the image. After placing your crosshair, do a jump throw. If you can do everything perfectly, this will land the smoke directly on Heaven.

Should you smoke Heaven from Alley or Water?

Both of the smokes are easy and efficient. But, I prefer doing it from Alley, since it takes less time for you to reach the site from the location. Also, by the time the smoke grenade completes its path, your teammates can also position themselves outside B for a timely entry. The chances of a perfect site takeover are better with this smoke.

One downside of the Alley lineup is that it requires a lot of precision. For many new players, doing a precise crosshair positioning, followed by a perfect run and jump throw could be very hard. However, this problem can be solved by getting into private lobbies or practice servers to practice smoke and grenade lineups.

So, if you are new to the game and struggle with the timing factors, you can always rely on the Water lineup. The Water lineup is very easy and will take you very little time to learn.

Counter-Strike 2 is now available on PC. Download the game from here.

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