How to fight off the Demon King’s Army in Tears of the Kingdom

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Right before facing off against Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must deal with at least one more obstacle. Hordes of enemies will spawn and attack you in numbers not seen anywhere else in the game besides the Gibdo assault in Gerudo Town. Fortunately, any sages you have unlocked by this point will come to your aid in person, splitting the enemies’ attention as you try and take them all out. But whether you come in with all the sages or none of them, it’s easy to get whittled down by enemies from all sides if you’re not careful. This guide will share some strategies on how to overcome the Demon King’s Army in Tears of the Kingdom.

Battling the Demon King’s Army

General Strategies

The enemies in this encounter come at you in four waves. The first one has Bokoblins and Boss Bokoblins, the second one features Lizalfos, the third one contains Gibdos, and the fourth one finishes things off with Moblins. Aside from the Gibdos, which require elemental attacks to defeat, every wave can be tackled more or less however you like. I personally found the first Bokoblin wave to be the trickiest simply due to the sheer amount of enemies, but as long as you have plenty of food items that can heal gloom, you can afford to make plenty of mistakes.

To minimize the chances of taking damage, though, you will probably want to employ some hit-and-run tactics. Simply running away from enemies while intermittently attacking them with arrows or the occasional flurry rush can go a long way toward separating a manageable number of enemies from the rest of the pack. If you want to go for flurry rushes though, avoid using a two-handed weapon, as the long recovery time will leave you wide open.

Useful Fusible Items

In addition to these basic strategies, attaching certain items to your arrows can make an outright mockery of this fight. Muddle Buds, for instance, can cause certain groups of enemies to fight amongst themselves, giving you room to breathe. This doesn’t work against the Gibdos, but it can become invaluable against the other three waves.

Elemental gemstones, namely Rubies, Sapphires, and Topazes, prove especially powerful during this section. Opals can help too, but the incredibly high damage output of the other three elemental gems makes their massive blast radii all the more devastating against the enemy hordes. The blast radii can easily hurt you, though, so I like to bring out a Zonai device that sends me high into the air, such as a spring or a rocket, so I can fire off these gemstones from a safe distance.

Using these strategies, the Demon King’s Army should fall before too long, allowing you to experience the rest of Tears of the Kingdom’s finale. And if you decide to tackle the finale early, these strategies might save you even more headaches.

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