How to find and catch Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC

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After completing the main story of the Teal Mask DLC, the Loyal Three Titan Pokémon are back to normal and can now be caught proper. Munkidori, the monkey of the group, is waiting around to be caught. Time to catch this mean monkey to fill out our Pokédex. Here’s how to find and catch Munkidori in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC.

Where to find and catch Munkidori in the Teal Mask DLC

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Screenshot: PC Invasion

Munkidori is in the same place you fought it as a Titan Pokémon, the Wisteria Pond west of Loyalty Plaza. You can easily climb the rocks in that direction and glide over towards the pond. It’ll be standing there waiting for you, but mind the flock of Sensu Style Oricolo right in front of it and the Charjabug if you don’t want to accidentally pick a fight ahead of time.

How To Find And Catch Munkidori Overworld

Screenshot: PC Invasion. No, Charjabug, you can’t fight Munkidori.

You cannot throw a Poké Ball to surprise it, you have to run up and talk to it to start the battle. Note it is 100% male. You cannot get a female one, so no need to soft reset.

Munkidori battle breakdown

Munkidori is level 70 with a slightly different moveset from its Titan Encounter:

  • Nasty Plot: Munkidori raises its Special Attack two stages. In other terms, very bad news.
  • Future Sight: Two turns after this attack is used, the Pokémon out on the field is hit by a 120 power Psychic attack. Keep this in mind, as you can absolutely switch to a Dark type and block it.
  • Sludge Wave: Poison type, 95 power, 10% chance to poison.
  • Psychic: Psychic type, 90 power, 10% chance to lower Special Defense by one stage

Despite the base power, every offensive move is also STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), so its power is multiplied by 50%. You’re being hit with 180 power Future Sight, 143 power Sludge Wave, and 135 power Psychic. Add on a single Nasty Plot, and its moves quickly tear through Pokémon like a knife through butter. Its unique ability, Toxic Chain, is also a problem. When it attacks, there’s a 30% chance your Pokémon gets badly poisoned.

A Steel type is ideal for resisting everything Munkidori can throw at you. Bisharp or Kingambit is especially ideal, because it cannot hit them. The line also learns False Swipe and Thunder Wave, so it is essentially the perfect Pokémon to capture Munkidori. Failing that, you’ll need a Pokémon who knows Taunt to stop it from Nasty Plotting.

Munkidori is Poison/Psychic. It is weak to Ground, Ghost, and Dark. It resists Fairy, Grass, Poison, and especially Fighting. Keep this in mind when selecting moves.

Munkidori’s catch rate is 1.6%. In reality, it’s not likely that low, but it may very well eat up quite a few Poké Balls depending on your luck.

Woo, you survived Munkidori! Onward to the other two!

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