How to fix MW3 error code 14515

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What is MW3 error code 14515? This error code popped up during the Modern Warfare 3 beta and it looks like it’s returned with the full launch of the multiplayer modes.

While you’re waiting for the errors to resolve, why not check out the best MW3 guns or the best loadouts for the current meta, to ensure you can dominate throughout Call of Duty for hours to come. At least it’s got more replayability than the campaign – as mentioned in our MW3 review, it’s far from the best single-player mode in the franchise.

How to fix error code 14515

The Call of Duty MW3 error code 14515 relates to the servers being at capacity. With the player count rocketing, this is unsurprising, and unfortunately the only fix is to wait. 

The error code 14515 appears if the servers become overcrowded and leads to players being directly kicked from the game or unable to connect in the first place. With the global launch of MW3 multiplayer finally upon us, this can be frustrating to say the least.

Some methods players have been trying include waiting for the overcrowding to pass, restarting the game, or checking the server status on the Activision website for localized errors or platform-specific issues.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do on your side to guarantee a fix for this error, as it’s a problem with the server capacity. All you can do is sit tight, browse the MW3 battle pass, memorize the MW3 weekly challenges, and wait for the servers to stabilize.

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