How to get all Majestic Mandeville Weapons in FF XIV 6.45

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Patch 6.45 introduces Majestic Mandeville Weapons into Final Fantasy XIV. These are the latest additions to the Relic Weapons tree; they look incredible and do decent damage to boot. Unless you’re rocking Raid gear, Majestic Mandeville Weapons could offer a decent stat boost to your character. Even if they aren’t as good as your current loadout, they are begging for a slot on your Glamour Plate. Let me show you how to get all Majestic Mandeville Weapons in FF XIV 6.45.

How to get all Majestic Mandeville Weapons in FF XIV 6.45

Plenty of amazing gear in FF XIV is locked behind layers of grinding. Fortunately, Mandeville Weapons are easy to get as they only require Tomes of Causality. For the more casual players, let’s start at the beginning. 

Before you can get Majestic Mandeville Weapons, you need a level 90 Character that’s finished the Endwalker Expansion. You also need to complete the Hildibrand Quest Line. You can start these quests in Southern Thanalan by speaking to Hildibrand. The cutscenes are a little wild, so you can skip them if you wish. Patch 6.45 added the mission ‘By Agents Unknown’ and is mandatory if you want the Majestic Mandeville Weapons. 

The Mandeville Weapons can be upgraded three times, each requiring 1500 Tomes of Causality. You’re using these Tomes to purchase three items for each upgrade. For the base, you need 3 Manderium Meteorites. For the Amazing Mandeville Weapons, you need 3 Complementary Chondrites, and finally, for the Majestic Mandeville gear, you need 3 Amplifying Achondrites.

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You can purchase these items from the vendor opposite the main Aetherite at Radz-at-Han.

One of the best things about Majestic Mandeville Weapons is that you can allocate two main stats to their maximum value and another to roughly half. This gives the equipment great potential for min-maxing. These Relic weapons aren’t at full power just yet, but in future patches will be strong contenders for ‘best in slot’ gear. 

How to farm Tomes of Causality

The fastest way to acquire tons of Tomes is by joining a Hunt Train. A Hunt Train is an organized group that quickly defeats specific enemies across Eorzea. If you want to hop aboard, Discord groups like Centurio Hunts or Faloop! are great places to start. If you’d rather gather Tomes without Discord, do your Daily Roulettes on a level 90 Character. If you’re playing catchup with the latest Final Fantasy news, check out our guide on the Patch 6.4 Live Letter.

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