How To Get Map Fragments, Treasure Coordinates, And Maps In Destiny 2: Season Of Plunder

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Now that Season of Plunder has started in Destiny 2, there’s a new currency to chase after so that you can unearth some of the best loot in the game. Map Fragments are the new currency on offer, and once you have enough of them, you can combine them (along with Treasure Coordinates) into a Treasure Map that will earn you different types of rewards.

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Where to find Map Fragments

Ketchcrash is where you’ll find the main currency this season.

You’ll start earning Map Fragments from the Ketchcrash seasonal activity, once you’ve unlocked it after the opening mission of Season of Plunder. Ketchcrash is a six-person activity that will see you and your crew board an enemy Ketch, work your way through its lower decks, and emerge to do battle with a boss. The event doesn’t take too long to complete, and a fireteam that knows what it’s doing can finish a Ketchcrash match in around 10 minutes.

Claim your plunder at the end of the Ketchcrash round, and you’ll earn 10 Map Fragments for your efforts.

Where to find Treasure Coordinates

You can see how many Treasure Coordinates you have in your inventory.

You can see how many Treasure Coordinates you have in your inventory.

The secondary currency that you’ll want to start hoarding is easy enough to acquire. Similar to Vestiges of Dread from Season of the Haunted, Treasure Coordinates can be picked up from completed Strikes, Gambit matches, Public Events, and several other activities. How many you get depends on the activity, but if you ever find yourself in short supply, roll a few Public Events in the EDZ as that patrol zone can be extremely rewarding.

With several Public Events active at any given time it’s easy to jump between them and have a constant flow of Treasure Coordinates flowing into your arsenal. For even more resources, don’t forget to equip the new Ketchkiller armor to increase your gains.

How to use Map Fragments and Treasure Coordinates

Here's where you can put a Treasure Map together.
Here’s where you can put a Treasure Map together.

Open up your Quests tab and select the Captain’s Atlas that you’ll have earned in the early hours of Season of Plunder. From here, you can slot the atlas with your currencies and create a specialized treasure map. Your Treasure Map options are limited at first, and as detailed below, you’ll be able to add more types to your collection as the season continues.

How to use Treasure Maps

X marks the spot.

You’ve got the map, now it’s time to use it to find some loot! You’ll want to select the Expedition activity from the HELM and load up for a fight. Expeditions aren’t too challenging, as you’ll be part of a three-person fireteam that extracts treasure. You’ll have to deal with a few enemies and obstacles during your treasure hunt, take your loot, and toss it at your caravan to bank your booty. Once the event wraps up, there’ll be a few “X marks the spot” sections on the ground that you can activate with your treasure map, adding more treasure to your haul.

How to get different Treasure Maps

Visit the Star Chart to get more Treasure Map options.

This is where you’ll need to be invested in Destiny 2, as unlocking different types of Treasure Maps will require upgrading the Star Chart with Repute. Similar to the rare Bound Presence materials that were earned in the previous season, you’ll need to complete seasonal objectives every week. The first week of Season of Plunder has two objectives available, and you can earn Repute from each task. With that material in your inventory, head to the HELM and the new Star Chart located in the center of the ship.

Activate it, and use your Repute to unlock an upgrade by selecting the Pirate Crew option. Choose the map you want, and you’ll be able to slot it into your Captain’s Atlas with the materials listed above. There are other rewards that you can unlock in the Star Atlas, so if treasure hunting is your top priority, you’ll need to ignore those options until you have enough Repute to spend on them in later weeks.

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