How To Get The Fallen Sunstar Exotic Helmet In Destiny 2

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Several new Exotics have been added to Destiny 2 in Season of Plunder. For Warlocks, the Season of Plunder Exotic available to them is a helmet that enhances Arc 3.0 builds and probably gets great radio reception with all of its spikes. Called Fallen Sunstar, the Exotic helmet is the product of Eliksni engineering and also has fireteam benefits in its design.

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Fallen Sunstar perks

The very finest in Eliksni fashion.

The primary perk of Fallen Sunstar is Ionic Conductor, which makes Ionic Traces move faster along the ground and grant more ability energy. As an added bonus, any fireteam members in your general vicinity will also gain ability energy whenever you pick up an Ionic Trace.

Ionic Conductor

  • Ionic traces you create move faster and grant you additional ability energy.
  • Nearby allies also gain ability energy when you collect an ionic trace.

Ionic Traces help fill your grenade, melee, and class ability energy more quickly and usually home in on you when they’re generated. Ionic Trace pairs well with the Electrostatic Mind Aspect, which creates Ionic Traces with Arc ability kills and kills on Arc-debuffed enemies that add the Amplified buff to your Warlock.

Where to get Fallen Sunstar

Also great for toasting multiple marshmallows.
Also great for toasting multiple marshmallows.

Fallen Sunstar isn’t available through any quests and has to be unlocked through a Legend Lost Sector before its added to your general loot drop pool. These areas are present in every patrol zone in Destiny 2, but unlike the regular version, they’re far more challenging.

If you can complete one on your own, you’ll have a chance to be rewarded with an Exotic item for your efforts, with the more challenging Master difficulty increasing your chances. It’s worth noting that there’s a new Legend Lost Sector every day, with the Exotic reward rotating through the different armor categories daily. You can visit the site Today In Destiny to see which Lost Sector has rotated into play and which Exotic gear is up for grabs. Another factor to take note of is that the Exotic you’ll earn will be one that you don’t already own. So for example, if you have a number of Exotic helmets missing from your collection, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get Fallen Sunstar.

How to beat a Legend Lost Sector

The rate at which an Exotic will drop is also randomized. For Fallen Sunstar, I had to run the Bunker E-15 Legend Lost Sector on Europa seven times before the Exotic dropped for me. The Lost Sector for the day will also be indicated on your map by a unique icon, so you can select it and follow the waypoint in case you’ve never visited that location before. If it is your first time in that particular Lost Sector, run through the normal version so that you can familiarize yourself with the layout and prepare for your Legend run.

With that knowledge in mind, you’ll also need to prepare your Guardian for the challenge that lies ahead. Enemies in Legend Lost Sectors don’t just hit harder and more aggressively, they also reinforce several champions inside of that location. You’ll need to unlock several tiers on the Seasonal Artifact so that you can equip mods to your Guardian, which will allow your weapons to weaken and eliminate the dangerous Champions in these sections. Some Exotic weapons do have Intrinsic Champion mods built into them, with Le Monarque, Thunderlord, and Wish-Ender being good picks if you already have them.

Most Legend Lost Sectors have a mix of Unstoppable, Barrier, and Overload Champions who’ll shred your health bar apart if you’re not ready and can shrug off your best attacks as they charge toward you. Stunning them and weakening their abilities will give you a brief window of opportunity to fight back.

The challenges don’t stop there though, as each Legend Lost Sector also has several other modifiers in play. Enemies could be buffed to throw more grenades than usual, shielded combatants will be heavily resistant to all damage unless it matches their elemental shield-type, and foes can leave damaging pools behind once they’ve been defeated.

There’s also a time limit in play and you’ll only have a limited number of respawns available, which can be increased by defeating champions. After 15 minutes, you’ll lose the ability to respawn. Legend Lost Sectors live up to their names, but they aren’t impossible to conquer if you enter them with a strategy in mind and quick reflexes.

Once you’re familiar with the lair of the day, push through and farm that location until you get the Exotic that you’ve been after.

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