How to get the Peatie Mount from the Hatching-Tide event in FFXIV

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If you’re like me, you can never have enough Mounts and Emotes in FFXIV. Fortunately, Square-Enix seems happy to oblige such addictions. Here’s how to get the Peatie Mount from the Hatching-Tide event in FFXIV.

How to get the Peatie Mount in FFXIV

The Peatie Mount is a reward for completing the Hatching-Tide event, which runs until April 1st, 2024. Unlike last year, The Hatching-Tide event has merged with Little Lady’s Day, which used to be a standalone affair.

The required quests are simple, and you can pick up the first part in Gridania. Head to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater and take the Princesses and the Eggs quest from Jihli Aliapoh on the stage.

How to complete the Princesses and Eggs quest in FFXIV

Teleport to Bentbranch Meadows Aetherite and speak to Aldemund, who is standing nearby. You need to talk to him twice to advance the quest. Once you’ve spoken to him, you’ll automatically mount Peatie and must interact with the three labeled NPCs nearby. Return to Aldemund when you’re finished to complete the first part of the quest.

Talk to the Royal Seneschal beside Aldemund, and accept the Peatie in Pink quest. You’ll have to travel a little further for this one, but the route is straightforward. Teleport to the Steps of Nald in Ul’dah, head out the door and turn left when you reach the street.  

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Speak to the Royal Seneschal again (pictured above), then walk toward the Steps of Thal directly behind him. Talk to the three marked Citizens; two have multiple dialogue options, but the outcome is the same either way. Once you’re done, return the Royal Seneschal, who’s now standing on the opposite side of the street from where he was initially.

Talk to Peatie, who is standing nearby, and you will have a few dialogue options. Peatie is adorable, so I chose “Remember how happy you made everyone in Gridania!” but it doesn’t matter what you pick here. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, interact with the nearby stage and watch Peatie perform to complete the Peatie in Pink quest and unlock the mount.

The quests to unlock the Peatie mount have low stakes compared to what you’re used to in Final Fantasy games, but seasonal events are usually pretty relaxed. The recent Valentine’s Day event was the same but all seasonal activities are worth doing as they typically shower you with unique gifts for minimal effort.

Can I get the Peatie Mount after the Hatching-Tide event ends?

If you miss an event-exclusive item, you typically must wait for the event to return the following year. You can’t get the item for free when it returns, but you can purchase it from the shop. Fortunately, prices are usually low for returning items like this. While I think this system is unlikely to change, we never know for sure.

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