How to install the FM23 real name fix

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The FM23 real name fix is a long-standing tradition for regular players of the football game. The real names for some clubs and competitions have been replaced by similar, but obviously incorrect names, such as ‘Man UFC’ in the ‘English Premier Division’, or every club in Brazil being replaced by three-letter abbreviations in the management game.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this, and it’s incredibly easy to set up. Here’s what you need to know about how to install the Football Manager 2023 real name fix, so you can pick one of the best teams to manage and take them to success amongst properly named clubs.

FM23 real name fix download instructions

Sorting out the real name fix is simple, and it just requires a download, much like the best logo packs and skins.

Step 1 – Download the Real Names Fix

Football Manager website FM Scout has been providing the community with their Real Names Fix for many years now, with a database including the real names of all clubs, leagues, cups, awards and more.

Step 2 – Extract the files

The Real Names Fix comes as a compressed .zip file, so you will need to extract the files to a temporary location for use later. Ideally somewhere you’ll be able to find it easily – install either WinRAR or 7zip to do this if you don’t have them already.

Step 3 – Find the 2300 folder

This is the folder where your data for Football Manager is stored. Copy the location for your operating system and launcher, and then paste it into your file explorer.


Steam – Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonFootball Manager 2023datadatabasedb2300

Epic Games – Program FilesEpic GamesFootballManager2023datadatabasedb2300


Steam – /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2023/database/data/db/2300/

Epic Games – /Users/Shared/Epic Games/FootballManager2023/database/data/db/2300/

Step 4 – Replace old files with fresh ones

Open the ‘Inc’ folder, and then open the ‘all’ folder you find inside. Delete everything inside the ‘all’ folder, then from the file you downloaded in the first step, move ‘FM23 Fix by FMScout.Inc’ and ‘FM23 Club Names by FMScout.Inc’ into the ‘all’ folder.

Step 5 – Delete ‘fake.edt’

Go back to the ‘2300’ folder and open the ‘edt’ folder, and then open the ‘permanent’ folder you find inside. Delete the file ‘fake.edt’

Step 6 – Delete more files

Go back to the ‘2300’ folder, and this time open the ‘dbc’ folder, and then once again open the ‘permanent’ folder you find inside. Delete the following files:

  • ‘brazil_kits.dbc’
  • ‘forbidden names.dbc’
  • ‘Licensing2.dbc’
  • Licensing2_chn.dbc’

Step 7 – Boot up the game

Boot the game up and all the unofficial names should be replaced with the correct ones.

If everything went well, then you should now have the Real Names Fix installed. No longer will you be scouting wonderkids from ‘Spanish Premier Division’ instead of La Liga, seeing players win the ‘Golden Ball’ instead of the Ballon D’Or, or conquering Brazil in a save with FLA instead of Flamengo.

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