How to make potions and upgrade the cauldron

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Potion Permit is all about aiding the townsfolk of Moonbury. As the new chemist of the village, it’s up to you to create remedies for everyday ailments. Here’s our Potion Permit guide to help you with the potion brewing mechanic, as well as how to upgrade your cauldron and gain new recipes.

Note: We’ll have a Potion Permit guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.


Potion Permit guide – How to make potions and upgrade the cauldron

Gathering ingredients and using the cauldron

Early on in Potion Permit, you’re given the tools to gather ingredients and materials (i.e., an axe for trees/wood, a mallet for rocks, and a sickle for herbs). These equipment can also be used to attack creatures, and they, too, might drop items. Nearly all of these can then be used to craft different kinds of remedies using the cauldron.

Here’s the gist:

  • Materials belong to any of the four “elements.” These are earth, fire, wind, and water (no heart).
  • When selecting a recipe in the cauldron, these items will have corresponding Tetris-like blocks that need to be placed on the board.
  • There are limits to what elements are allowed (i.e., bottom of the screen), as well as the total number of blocks that can be placed (i.e., left side of the screen).
  • If you fill all the tiles on the board, you’ll be able to brew the flask that you selected. Craft the same medicine five times and you can pick ingredients that can be used to make new ones automatically.

Upgrading the cauldron and learning new recipes

Upgrading your cauldron in Potion Permit can be done via the Hearts and Sparks shop, which is near the western side of town. The first upgrade alone requires 1,000 gold, 250 wood, and 200 stone. This will add one pip or an extra block that can be used. You won’t need it early in the game since most concoctions have fewer tiles. However, much later, more complex remedies will have to be made.

As for new recipes, you’ll eventually get a visit from the Medical Association. This will give you access to the research table in your home. What follows is a mini-game where you need to match the elemental symbols that appear on a small panel at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once you’ve passed the test, a new recipe will be learned. After filling all the tiles, you’ll complete the quest and gain access to the research mechanic for new potion recipes.

Note: Don’t forget to have enough materials for the items needed to cure sick villagers. Likewise, passing the test also leads to an upgrade for your Approval Badge.

Potion Permit Cauldron Upgrade Make Potion Recipe

Potion Permit is available via Steam.

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