How to unlink your PSN account in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is a world-renowned gacha game, making waves across the entire industry and consistently topping charts as one of the highest-grossing gacha games around. The game is also available for a multitude of various platforms, such as mobile devices, PC, and PlayStation 4 and 5. If you were someone who jumped onto the Genshin Impact wave in the initial release, you might have started playing the game on a PlayStation device. If this is you, you might not have known that the ability to cross-save and play across multiple devices is not possible if you began your journey on the PlayStation Network.

This is an unfortunate situation, but there is a reported way for you to unlink your PSN account from Genshin Impact. A Redditor by the name /u/iaminmyhouse was able to email HoYoverse’s customer service and request a PSN account unlink. While there are those in the comments who report some difficulty in starting and finalizing this process, there are others who have found success by sending a plea for help to the customer service overlords over at HoYoverse.


Unlinking your PSN account in Genshin Impact

To unlink your account in Genshin Impact, you will need to send a support ticket to HoYoverse’s customer service. Note: Prior reports of this method instructed users to use the email [email protected] However, the company has since rebranded to HoYoverse and has a new customer service email for users: [email protected] To ensure that your request goes through, make sure to send it off to the right email. In the subject line, you should also mention that you would like to unlink your PSN account.

After receiving a response (many users advise you to use multiple email accounts in case one doesn’t get through), you will receive a link sending you to a form that requires you to fill out in order to unlink your account. Information that HoYoverse requires to unlink your account will include your PSN Account ID, your UID for your Genshin account, Adventure Rank, any purchases and 5-stars, and more. Fill out the form with all of the appropriate information and send it in for HoYoverse to review.

Note, when you unlink your account from PSN, the next time you log into Genshin Impact on a PlayStation, you will have lost all of your progress. You should also note this process is unnecessary if you initially made a HoYoverse account and logged onto the PlayStation Network separately.

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