How to unlock Season Blessing in Diablo 4

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The Season of the Malignant has brought plenty of new mechanics to the game, along with Season milestones and Battlepass rewards. Season Blessings are one of those, and they are pretty impactful. Let me show you how to unlock Season Blessing in Diablo 4 and how it affects your progress through Season 1. If you’ve not started the season just yet and are mulling over your character choices, check out our guide to the best heroes this Season.

Best Season Blessings in Diablo 4 Season 1

Season Blessings can be purchased with Smoldering Ashes, obtained on the Battle Pass. Fortunately, these Blessings are on the free track, which means you’ll eventually get them even if you don’t buy the premium pass. As these Blessings are so impactful, the Smoldering Ashes are level-locked. Even if you get the ashes on the pass early, you can’t use them until your character hits a specific level. Note these rewards are tied explicitly to your Seasonal Characters. If you’ve got Eternal Characters already, they don’t influence this mechanic in any way.

The first Smoldering Ash unlocks once a Seasonal Character hits level 40. After that, the remaining Smoldering Ashes become useable at irregular intervals all the way up to Level 100.

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What do Seasonal Blessings do?

Seasonal Blessings reward players with powerful bonuses. Here’s what each one offers:

Urn of Aggression
Boosts XP earned from Monster Kills

Urn of Bargaining
Boosts Gold earned from vendor sales

Urn of Reclamation
Boosts rare material gain from Salvaging

Urn of Prolonging
Boosts Elixir Duration

Urn of Malignance
Boosts the chance of powerful Malignant Heart drops. Hearts will only drop after the campaign has been completed.

Each of these Season Blessings has 4 Levels. The more Smoldering Ashes you invest into an Urn, the greater the bonus will be. With a Level 100 Character, you’ll earn enough Smoldering Ashes to max out the rewards from each Urn. The Urn of Malignance and Urn of Aggression seem like powerful bonuses to gain early, but it doesn’t matter what order you receive Blessings in the long run.

Are the Season Blessings Pay to Win?

The Season Blessings are part of the Battle pass, but they are part of the free rewards. This means you can’t get them faster even if you spend. Everyone has their own opinion on what ‘Pay to Win’ means. For me, it means paying for any advantage, no matter how small. I’m relieved to say that there are no Pay to Win elements for the Season of the Malignant.

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