How to unlock the Secret Vault in Modern Warfare Zombies

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As you roam around the world in Modern Warfare Zombies, you can find a bunch of goodies like Glyph Gates. Some interesting points are easy to find, while others can be pretty tough. For this guide, we’ll show you one of the harder which requires opening a Secret Vault in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ), and we’ll show you how to unlock it.

Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ): How to unlock the Secret Vault

Before unlocking the vault, you and your team need to find it. So to start, head to Shanin Manor. It should be southwest on the map. Just look at the image below to help you pinpoint where the manor is. Once you’re inside, you’ll find a zipline — go down it. Once, you reach the bottom, there should be a vault with a chessboard in front of it. The interesting part is that the chessboard will have the key to unlock the vault. This is where things can get tricky. So follow below to find the answer. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Chessboard answer

To start, it’s not something you can do in the room, you’ll need to go out in the world and find some clues. Four pieces need to be discovered, I’ll go over where each one is. So you can spend less time searching. On top of that, keep the image that follows for reference. 

To find the first piece that’s the Pawnhead northeast near Orlov Military Base. Keep going towards the water on the far right of the base. There will be a shack, enter it and look for a TV in a corner. On top of the TV, there will be a device. Interact with it to Send Transmission to H7. So now you’ve done the first piece. 

How to unlock the Secret Vault in Modern Warfare Zombies
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Next is the Knight’s location. Finding this NCP is a little harder as he’s driving around. However, if you can see the image below, there’s a set route that he’s on. With a friend, find a vehicle like the Blood Burner Motorcycle, and intercept this NPC. Once you find him, have one of you shoot his vehicle or him. After you’ve downed him, he’ll drop the device to Send Transmission to H7. 

Mwz Knights Route Highlighted1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

For the Bishop, you’ll need to deal with a mercenary as well. To find him, head in between Levin Resort and Popov Power. Make your way to the underground part of Talanov Outpost. This is where you’ll meet The Bishop. He’s easy to do down, but he’ll charge you with his allies throwing smoke. Once you beat him, just like the rest, he’ll drop a device. Since you’ve done this twice already, the same is done here, and Send Transmission to H7.

Mwz Bishop Location Highlighted1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The final piece to find is the Rook. For this head to the far western side of the map. Look for the Ghalia Seaside Hotel. This NPC will be on the top floor of the hotel on a balcony. You can go through the hotel, which will be filled with threats, or reach the top of the hotel by parachuting on it. The second way is much easier since you can drop down on the balcony from the roof.

Mwz Rook Location Highlighted
Screenshot: PC Invasion

How to open the Vault

With all the pieces in tow, make your way back to Shanin Manor, and back down the same zipline. When you reach the vault, on the opposite side of the door, there will be a computer to interact with. This is where you can unlock the door. Now, once the vault is open, prepare for a fight. There will be a mimic known as The King in there. It’s pretty hard to kill, but it seems C4 and other explosive ordinances do the trick. Once he’s taken care of, you can now take all the loot. 

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