Intel officially reveals Raptor Lake reaches 6 GHz

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Intel is currently holding its Technology Tour 2022 in Israel. There, the company is showing plenty of new information regarding its upcoming products. For now, plenty of what’s being shown at the event is being kept under wraps, except for one bit of news thanks to Tom’s Hardware. Intel showed off Raptor Lake CPUs operating at 6 GHz at stock settings. It also apparently set an overclocking record of 8 GHz as well.

The 6 GHz figure is notable for various reasons. It means that Intel’s 6GHz CPU will be 300MHz faster than AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X, which apparently has a boost clock of 5.7 GHz. It’s also our first official preview of how Intel’s next generation of desktop CPUs will supersede Alder Lake performance. Specs like higher IPC, cache, and more cores are great, but higher frequencies are pretty straightforward when it comes to better gaming performance.


It’s not clear whether this Intel CPU will release alongside the rest of the Raptor Lake lineup or come out at a later date. At the moment, this is merely a tease and Intel has yet to give out any other information for its Raptor lake CPUs. Of course thanks to various leaks and information over the last few months, we’ve already got a decent idea of what Intel’s 13th generation CPUs will look like.

Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs looked impressive before the 6 GHz tease. But AMD’s putting up a great fight against its competitor’s lineup. So much so that it’s hard to really say who could come out on top. The rumors seem to indicate that AMD could push for the adoption of newer tech. This can be seen in the company’s decision to make the Ryzen 7000 processors only support DDR5 memory. In comparison, Intel seems to be pushing for that less, with Raptor Lake apparently still supporting DDR4 memory alongside DDR5.

(Image credit: Intel).

More official info to come soon

Despite the leaked info and this tease, there’s still a lot that we do not know about Raptor Lake. On that topic, the release date for Raptor Lake is a bit murky at this point. A few leaks suggest a release sometime in mid to late October. Luckily, we know when to expect AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs, which will launch on September 27.

There’s still plenty of information to come from Intel’s Technology Tour 2022, beyond Raptor Lake’s 6 GHz clock speed. Stay tuned for more news to come out in the next few days. As for the full Raptor Lake reveal, that will likely be on September 27-28 at Intel’s scheduled Innovation event.

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